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Mixed messages in the coalition’s plans for social care

27 May 2010

by Peter Beresford  

The new government’s hardliner welfare team strikes fear in mental health service users and disabled people

Our comment can be read below Peters’ article.

ILF Benefits Changes Hit Most Vulnerable People with Disabilities- tell your MP

24 May 2010

We were dismayed to learn of changes to the benefits system, which could hit those who need benefits the most.

The Independent Living Fund was designed to give people with disabilities better lives. Thousands of Scots with disabilities have used ILF to fund new lives in their own homes after decades of living in institutions. But, changes to the criteria mean that new applicants will only be eligible if they work more than 16 hours per week. Of the thousands who currently receive ILF- fewer than 10 would be eligible if they were to apply under the new rules. This is tantamount to scrapping the benefit altogether.

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Scotland says “It’s our Attendance Allowance too”

3 November 2009

Willie Coffey MSP has placed this petition online at the request of affected constituents in Kilmarnock and Loudoun. However, the issue is of concern to elderly and disabled people across Scotland.

The subject of the petition should also be of concern to those who believe that changes in UK-wide benefits must take place only after consultation with those affected in all parts of the UK.

Concern at Attendance Allowance threat

28 October 2009

Speaking the day before the debate in the House of Commons on the Labour government’s Green Paper: ‘Shaping the future of care together,’ takes place on Thursday 29th October, the SNP’s Westminster spokesperson on social security and benefits, John Mason MP, warned the Labour government to abandon their proposed reform of Attendance Allowance.

“Labour are squeezing benefits to lone parents, the working-age disabled, and the long-term unemployed. I call on this UK Labour government not to cut benefits to the severely disabled elderly as well.”

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