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Latest with Atos

26 August 2011

We would like to update CW members, along with our supporters, of the latest exchange with Atos.  (Having trouble with wordpress so cannot link back to other posts which details this situation. Will try later)

Received from Atos

Dear Frances,

Thank you for your email. The posting which we consider to be defamatory against Atos Healthcare and our employees is dated March 23rd, 8:51 pm.

As I said in my previous email, we fully support the right of people to express their opinions and would very much like to work with you to ensure your forum is reinstated as soon as possible.

If you have further questions, please do call me on: *********.

Best regards


Our response  below

Dear Caroline

Thank you for supplying the date and time of the post that concerns you.

We have finally traced it. We run a live discussion group and posts are normally only current for a few days. In this case the post is five months old. It did not create any interest at the time and has long since become inactive.

Having seen the post we are even more confused as to why you took this aggressive action against us. We were surprised to see that this post was not written by a member of CarerWatch but is merely a link to an article on another site. We were also surprised when we followed the link to see that the original article is still visible on the site of origin. We cannot understand why you would take this matter up with us when your dispute is with the authors of the linked article. We feel like collateral damage in this.

We would like to point out that we are running a private discussion group for members and we do not know how you saw this link on our site. But if you have some how been watching the posts in our group you will know that members post on an enormous breadth of topics and post links to a wide variety of other sites. Members often post links to material on other sites precisely because they are vehemently opposed to the material.

We repeat – this is a discussion group and posts have to be read in the context of open discussion.

We are concerned that this type of extreme hyper vigilance of discussion groups could seriously damage free and open discussion.

You say that you embarked on this action to protect the reputation of your company. But you can call on unlimited resources to obtain legal advice and you should bear in mind that groups like us have no resources and cannot obtain legal advice. We think you should bear this in mind when making your actions proportionate and appropriate.

We are sure you, like us, wish to bring this situation to a speedy conclusion. As it was your action that resulted in our forum being taken down, we suggest the following. We will remove the post in question (without prejudice), and in turn you will make arrangements to have our forum reinstated, whilst also giving us a guarantee that should you have any concerns in future, you will bring them directly to us and not to the hosting company.

Considering the immense distress caused to our members, and the volume of unnecessary work created for us, we consider these to be extremely reasonable requests.

We await your reply.



Discussions with Atos

24 August 2011

As most readers of this blog will know Carerwatch discussion forum was taken down last week. Full details here.

We contacted Atos and our initial letter to them can be read here

We stated that all communications would be posted in the open as this blog is the only means we have left to reach some of our members.

Today we received a reply –

Dear Frances,

Thank you for your email. We acknowledge that the closure of the forum has caused unnecessary concern for your members and would like to assure you that this was never our intention. Our request was that the libellous content relating to Atos Healthcare and our employees be taken down in order to protect the reputation of our employees and company against the false and malicious allegations that were posted.

We fully support the right of people to express their opinions and would very much like to work with you to ensure your forum is reinstated as soon as possible. I would invite you to call me on the number below, so we can discuss further.

Best regards


CarerWatch never received any such request.

We are still not aware of which content Atos considered ‘libellous’

We are unaware of  false and malicious allegations

We are pleased Atos have agreed to work with us as there are still issues to be resolved.

Our latest reply to the above statement was sent earlier and reads –

Dear Caroline

Thank you for your letter. We are pleased that you want to take steps to resolve this matter.

We can’t imagine that any content on our site is libellous to ATOS. Obviously if it was we would remove it but we cannot think how this can be the case.

Please can you supply details of the comments on our private discussion group that you consider libellous to ATOS so that we can understand what you are concerned about.


Any further communications will be posted here.

DBC launches report into Welfare Reform Bill

23 March 2011

Carer Watch members support this protest and some are making plans to attend

A report published today by the Disability Benefits Consortium a coalition of 41 charities and organisations shows how welfare reform changes may harm disabled people.

The report Benefiting disabled people? highlights concerns over the impact of reforms to vital benefits like Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) on thousands of disabled people and their families.

The report, presents the findings of recent surveys. The Disability Benefits Consortium surveyed 6,000 disabled people and found that:

Welfare Reform – Time for Action – Disability Now

6 September 2010

With the arrival of coalition governance to Britain, we have been promised “a new politics”. On welfare reform and disabled people, however, Ruth Patrick warns that early signs suggest the proposals for change are almost identical to those developed in opposition by the Conservatives, and there is nothing very new about the reforms

The Government plans to scrap all the various New Deals and associated programmes to assist people off welfare and into work, including Pathways, and replace this with a single Work Programme. Critically, all those disabled people on the work-related activity component of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will be required to participate in the Work Programme or risk benefit sanctions. The coalition will press ahead with existing plans to migrate all Incapacity Benefit (IB) claimants onto ESA, meaning that each and every IB recipient will be required to go through the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) to determine their eligibility for ESA. It is anticipated that many existing IB claimants will be found “fit to work”, and subsequently transferred over to the less generous Job Seeker’s Allowance. Disabled people and our allies should challenge and criticise these proposals, quickly and loudly, given the pace of change (the IB migration process will start this autumn).

The thrust of the coalition approach to welfare reform demonstrates essential continuity with New Labour’s obsession with paid work and reducing the disability benefit bill.

Read in full here

Fawcett launches legal challenge to government budget

2 August 2010

The Fawcett Society has filed papers with the High Court seeking a Judicial Review of the government’s recent emergency budget. (1)

Under equality laws, we believe the government should have assessed whether its budget proposals would increase or reduce inequality between women and men. Despite repeated requests, the Treasury have not provided any evidence that any such an assessment took place. (2)

see in full here

Your views needed re Government ‘consultations’

31 July 2010

Carer Watch will be responding to the ‘Consultations’ below, please join our message board where debates are already taking place. Registration is needed but automatic so access to forum is immediate, wherein you can both read and post.
This is the chance to put YOUR views forward .

Register here

DWP consultation – 21st century
. This discussion document seeks views to inform our thinking on reforms to the benefits and Tax Credits system. We would like to hear from all who are interested. Subject to the outcome of this consultation, we propose to bring forward legislation early in the New Year to reform the current system

Dept of Health
Refreshing the National Carers Strategy. Minister for Care Services seeking views, by 20 September 2010, on the key priorities, supported by evidence of good practice, on what will have the greatest impact on improving carers’ lives in the next four years. All carer issues back in the melting pot.

Independent review of work capability assessment
ESA. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has asked Professor Malcolm Harrington to undertake an independent review of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and make recommendations on the future development and efficacy of the WCA

Restore Unconditional Benefits for the Severely Sick

23 March 2010


We are asking all Prospective Parliamentary Candidiates to support this campaign and thank all those who are supporting us – sign here

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