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Sad news from DPAC

10 November 2016

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you one of our co-founders, Debbie Jolly has died following a short hospital stay. As disabled people everywhere we’ve lost a friend and advocate and a fighter for our movement.

Debbie has played a hugely influential part in the development of DPAC since 2010 and she and I have worked together virtually every day since dealing with the day-to-day things that needed to be done to make DPAC the successful campaign group we have become.

Read in full here

CarerWatch would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those that knew Debbie, both personally and through her campaigning work. RIP


Reverse the Employment Support Allowance disability benefit cut

13 March 2016


The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty.

The government must reverse this decision. Lives are at risk.

Sign this petition HERE



Will Iain Duncan Smith turn up for Welfare Debate

4 May 2015

welfare debate


Twitter users  –   #WelfareDebate15

Tuesday May 5th Daily Politics debate

BBC2    2pm

BBC Parliament  9.00pm

BBC News  9.30pm

Presenters  Andrew Neil and Alison Holt


Iain Duncan Smith  Conservative

Rachel Reeves            Labour

Steve Webb                  LibDems

Suzanne Evans           UKIP

Jonathan Bartley       Green Party


Non-attendance (see below) recently by the purveyors of welfare reform suggests that they deem themselves to be unaccountable for their actions.

Will Mr Smith attend this debate or will the quiet man become the invisible man AGAIN

Iain Duncan Smith fails to show up for General Election hustings in his own constituency

Britain asks: where is David Cameron?

Wirral West MP Esther McVey pulls out of live radio interview in Liverpool city centre

‘Ashamed’ Tories quit Newsnight welfare debate at the last moment

Many disabled people and carers will be watching this show. They have borne the brunt of these cuts and are living in dread of the prospect of the further £12billion cuts to welfare promised by the Conservatives.

Opposition Day Debate and disabled people

29 October 2014

There was an Opposition Debate yesterday in the House of Commons – called by Labour on a motion to condemn the recent statement by Lord Freud about disabled people possibly working for less than the minimum wage. Lord Freud has since apologised and the motion was lost.

However for those of us who have been watching the debates on Welfare Reform since 2007 – it was chance to see how far in some ways we have come and how far in others  we haven’t moved forward at all.

For the first few years of welfare reform no one had a clue what it would be like in reality. All we had was Freud and James Purnell talking pure theory.

That has certainly changed. All MP’s now have a deluge of disabled constituents coming in to their surgeries, and they have found out what it is about. So the debate is finally informed amongst MPs. Yet still they do nothing.

Fundamentally the big problem with Employment Support Allowance remains. Both Tory and Labour parties have not (more…)

To achieve success we must ALL take action – WoW Petition

17 February 2014




The Coalition government have been relentless in their welfare reforms, cuts to services. Warnings taken to them time and time again have been ignored.  Many grassroot groups, charities, church leaders and  think tanks have taken numerous actions, in their attempts to show the reality of how many disabled people and carers are being hit disproportionately by the cuts to benefits and services.

YOU may be someone affected now

 It may be YOU next, if you suddenly become seriously ill/disabled and/or a family carer.

You may be campaign weary, wondering how much more you can give. However, we must always rise up that one more time than we  fall.



On Feb 27th 2014, there is to be a debate in the House of Commons. This was won by WoW petition team, and all their supporters. Full wording of the petition can be found here

It is vital as many MPs as possible attend, to participate in this debate and speak up on your behalf about how the reforms are impacting on your lives. 

Details how to contact your MP can be found here  


You will be able to watch the debate live on the day from approximately 11.30am, links will be provided nearer the time. Those on twitter will be using the hash-tag  #WowDebate2014


If you require further information, or want to inform WoW if your MP is/is not attending, please contact WoW team direct




More proof family carers are hit by bedroom tax

3 February 2014

copied from SPeye  – post by Joe Halewood

On 3rd March Iain Duncan Smith will lay a statutory instrument before Parliament to, in his language, close the loophole for the pre 1996 exempt bedroom tax households which has seen 40,000 plus families unlawfully penalised with the bedroom tax this year.

That’s not a loophole its a monumental cock up or is it a ‘small’ issue as the DWP claims with their estimate of 3000 – 5000 families having wrongly been imposed with the bedroom tax when they were not liable.

The real number is 10 times that amount and another way to look at this is that the DWP error has seen £30m or so unlawfully taken away from vulnerable families who as a result have been threatened with losing the roof over their head; their family home for at least the last 18 years.

read article in full here

A bedroom tax standard template letter as a bolt on to any appeal –   see here

With thanks to Anita for making us aware of this article

What happens when you are ‘prepared to care’

14 June 2013

All this week there have been events round the country for Carers Week, details can be found here. It is a time when media also carry many articles , and the hope is that by raising awareness further afield, more people will identify themselves as carers and receive valuable advice, information and support. These can also be obtained from CarersUK  and Carers Trust

It is vital, especially in this economic climate, that carers and their families are armed with as much information as possible. Much which is needed to fight bureaucracy.

Benefits system  – may need support to navigate this system, for those we care for, as well as ourselves.

Carers Allowance – was totally ignored in the recent Welfare reforms.

Employment Support Allowance system is a nightmare when we have reams and reams of reports from drs/consultants but then we need PROVE again to DWP.

( see Carole’s story here )

Possible loss of Carers Allowance  as a result of the introduction of Personal Independence Payment  ( see here )

Government want carers to carry on working but the steps they are taking will result in opposite. Care criteria tightened to such a point that carers dont have a choice but to give work up.

Loss of independent living fund will result many disabled people losing independence and one of the avenues will be to return to family home which neither they or family want for a variety of reasons  ( see comment from Linda Burnip here)

Bedroom tax – many carers need extra room for a variety of reasons. Depending on ilness/disability some partners sleep in seperate rooms. Others have a lot of equipment to store. Family members can stay over to help with respite. Some children with disabilities are unable to share bedrooms with siblings.

Respite places are decreasing in numbers

………. and so the list goes on.

car crashThere are far too many changes/cuts, too fast and too deep. The brakes need applied as soon as possible before the crash happens and even more carers reach breaking point

Many individuals, groups, charities, academics have taken their grave concerns to the Coalition government, yet foolishly, time and time again, they are ignored.

If you are a carer, someone with an illness/disability, or someone not affected as yet (but you may be in the blink of an eye)  – sign this WOW petition here  – which calls on the government to carry out a Cumulative Impact Assessment of all these changes which are hitting many carers and their families several times over.

This government, and all parties, must stand by their duty of care to disabled people and their carers

We live in a Sad New World, where the rich continue to get rich fast

3 June 2013

Originally posted by a CarerWatch founder member (BlackFlag) on June 13th 2009 – even more apt today.


When one is classified as being a member of the Underclass (1 in 4 near to/ below the accepted Poverty Line), his/her view of daily life in this Sad New World (SNW) is remarkably simple…. especially if he/she were elderly and/or disabled and/or a carer … for some, perm any 2, for a few, all 3.

letterbox_(Telegraph)Any hope of ever being able to relax in the certain knowledge that their day could be shattered by the arrival of a bill for a basic essential to be able to exist in this SNW that would force him/her to drastically cut back (even go without) another basic essential could happen. In fact, his/her very existence demands largely one factor, the Government, and the politicians within the majority party that make the decisions on how to allocate resources to those in society.

Beyond housing/food/utilities and possibly transport (whenever mobility is required), that person has no real interest in life beyond the few hours spent in leisure activities…. which could be as basic as reading/writing to friends/ watching TV/walking (depending on mobility) or, for a fortunate minority, surfing over the internet.

Any thoughts of a holiday having long past as the costs of basic utilities have eroded any savings, and with the Local Authority cutbacks, even visits to a day centre are now out of reach financially, or said day centre having been closed.

For the elderly and the less mobile, contact with anyone in the outside world is now minimal, only the occasional visit from a neighbour/a member of the now widely dispersed family/the nurse/the doctor etc. being the only visitors. Some may have the companionship of a 24/7 carer, a family member, who is now caught up in the social isolation …. he/she no longer able to do much in life other than to look after the elderly parent/disabled relative.

From this perspective of life, politics is meaningless… red/white/blue/yellow /green… it makes no difference…. no one out there is proposing anything radical which could make a real change to this person’s life.

The costs of the basic essentials continues to be governed by what the politicians tell him/her are ” market forces “…. in turn, nobody is willing to explain why he/she cannot afford them…. after all, he/she should be grateful that they are at least providing a pension/disability living allowance/carers allowance etc. etc.

For him/her, politicians and those who advise them, appear to be totally out of touch with reality when it comes to life for a minimum of 1 in 4 of the population. Why should any of them care? They don’t have to struggle to make ends meet on £ 50-£ 75-£100-£125-£150 per week… even another £10 per week for some could mean a second meal per day, or the thermostat turned up by five degrees.

£20 notes

No, until such time when politicians/academics start to address the REAL issues faced daily by 1 in 4 of the population, there will always be millions excluded economically and socially from what the majority call  “living in this Sad New World”, wherein the rich continue to get rich fast, and the poor left to fester in obscurity.

Ellen Clifford talks to Real Fare on Welfare Reform and Protest

30 May 2013

Received from Disabled People Against Cuts


“The government have managed to get away with causing misery…and there hasn’t been an outcry because they’ve wrapped it up in all this language of reform”


read in full here

Disabled people to lose £28.3 billion of support by 2018

27 March 2013



  • Thousands of disabled people will be hit simultaneously by up to six different welfare cuts
  • Disabled people will lose £28.3 billion of support by 2018
  • Up to 3.7 million disabled people affected in total
  • Demos calls on the Government to publish the cumulative impact of multiple cuts to benefits
  • Scope asks where disabled people fit in to Chancellor’s ‘aspiration nation’


for full details and the report, please see here

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