Changes to #PiP affecting those with mental health issues


CarerWatch are outraged that once again the Government is proposing changes to Personal Independence Payment (PiP).   
These changes would affect over 160,000 people with mental health problems.

We are extremely anxious of the knock on effect this would have to family carers in receipt of Carers Allowance for those affected. This double whammy would have grave consequences on the income of many families, that are already suffering with disproportionate cuts to benefits and social care.

We will be adding our voice to other grassroot campaigners, Pats Petition,  Disabled People Against Cuts and others, whom have already been speaking out against these measures, and will continue to do so.

Tomorrow March 7th 2017 DPAC will be holding a protest at Old Westminster Yard.

Full details can be found here.

LibDems move to ‘kill’ new Tory restrictions on disability benefits

Theresa May’s policy supremo apologised

Contact your MP to sign both these Early Day Motions

no 985
no 992

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5 Responses to “Changes to #PiP affecting those with mental health issues”

  1. sdbast Says:

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  2. Pam Pinder Says:

    A petition I signed recently came back to say the government refused to accept it and people should contact their MPs, which I did yesterday

  3. bayrok Says:

    I’m not the best person to consult: the transition from DLA to PiP significantly benefitted my son, (aged 22, with down syndrome, autism and type 1 diabetes) who moved from lower rate mobility and middle rate care, to higher rate both. So there does seem to be a case of swings and roundabouts in the new system – caused by a different set of assessment criteria.
    I have every sympathy with people who cannot work due to illness of any kind, physical or mental, but no system of financial support will ever be perfect or flawless.
    It is important to highlight individual or widespread cases of clear injustice, and to make the system more transparent and swift.

  4. argotina1 Says:

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  5. Blanch Barillaro Says:

    Cathi Timas

    blog topic

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