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10 July 2013

Received from CarersUK

Government failing to protect carers and disabled people

from ‘spare room’ cuts 

Carers are being hard hit by the Government ‘bedroom tax’ cuts to Housing Benefit – despite Ministers’ promises of support to protect carers and disabled people. New research by Carers UK, published 100 days after the introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ lays bare the shocking impact of the policy on families caring for disabled loved ones. Carers UK interviewed 100 carers affected by the changes, and the findings include:


read in full on this link below


Bedroom Tax – carers facing debt, eviction and food poverty – Carers UK




Will you be hit by welfare cuts? Want to tell your story?

1 April 2013

My name’s Frances Ryan and I’m journalist covering cuts to disability support. I’ve recently worked with DPAC for stories/interviews about DLA and ESA, and the bedroom tax.




To fit in with new research on the cumulative impact of April’s cuts, I’m currently looking for disabled people who are set to lose multiple benefits – and would be happy to share their story (anonymously if needed) for a possible article.


Will you be hit by the six major cuts?


They could be:


Contributory Employment Support Allowance


If you’re currently on low rate Disability Living Allowance – or perhaps are on a higher rate but have reason to believe you will not be elibible under PIP


Bedroom tax


Council tax benefit reduction/loss


Any other benefit cut/loss coming in this April.


If you are going to be affected by simultaneous cuts and are happy to speak to me please email (rather than leaving a message here as I wouldn’t want to miss your message).


Thank you very much.

Disabled people to lose £28.3 billion of support by 2018

27 March 2013



  • Thousands of disabled people will be hit simultaneously by up to six different welfare cuts
  • Disabled people will lose £28.3 billion of support by 2018
  • Up to 3.7 million disabled people affected in total
  • Demos calls on the Government to publish the cumulative impact of multiple cuts to benefits
  • Scope asks where disabled people fit in to Chancellor’s ‘aspiration nation’


for full details and the report, please see here

Shameless onslaught on carers

15 February 2013


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CarerWatch members are outraged having learned of the latest details in a briefing paper recently released by DWP, Personal Independence Payment and Carer’s Allowance, that will affect many carers. Details as confirmed by Esther McVey, Minister for Disabled People –

Latest estimates project there will be a net reduction of 9,000 recipients of CA (where benefit is in payment) by the end of 2018 as a consequence of reassessment for PIP”

As the above will be the result of a person needing care having lost their Disability Living Allowance, the impact on family’s incomes will be immense. This double blow will especially hit hard those families on the poverty line.

Add to this the introduction of bedroom tax, cuts to local services; we feel this shameless onslaught from the government has shown a total disregard for the services provided by carers. Services estimated to be £119billion per annum

Our society would not function without the care currently provided by unpaid carers and the consistent refusal by Governments to improve Carers lives has ripple effects throughout Social Services and the NHS. Precious few people receive the actual support they need and so many carers are just not receiving vital services and support.

These cuts contradict findings in the Breakthrough Britain report, undertaken by The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), which was established as an independent think-tank by the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, now the present Secretary of State for Works and Pensions.

It said –

The low level of Carer’s Allowance discourages people from providing care to family members. It is one of the lowest forms of benefit available but it there is a high level of expectation in terms of work, in return”

Removing Carers Allowance from 9000 (projected no.) people will result in less families being able to provide care.

Therefore, we call on Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, to look past his fantasy and wishful thinking for these welfare reforms, and look at the reality of what these cuts and reforms are actually doing to many people with disabilities/ill health and their carers.


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