Free the 100,000

Twitter suggestions using hashtag #FreeThe100k

BREAKING NEWS: Gov care proposals will see over 100,000 disabled people fail to get basic support:  #freethe100k

#Care crisis means 40% of disabled people don’t have basic needs met inc. eating, washing, dressing:   #freethe100k

Over 100,000 disabled people are being imprisoned in their own homes and denied freedom. Help #freethe100k

Pls RT – #Freethe100k disabled people who will not receive support:

Gov reforms mean more than 100,000 disabled people won’t get support needed to eat, get washed or go out:  #freethe100k

“I am in debt with my heating costs, I can’t afford to eat” – share Jeeta’s full story and help #freethe100k:

“Trying to care for me without the support we need is killing my mum.” Emma needs your help. Help #freethe100k:

“I feel suicidal at the thought of losing my home and freedom” Gov reforms could cut Thomas’ support:  #freethe100k

“I go without a shower for days without using catheters as I just don’t have the energy to manage.” #freethe100k

“Not getting support I need, my life is on hold. Isolated, of no value to society. I’m only 24 I feel 84” #freethe100k


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