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Alzheimer’s Society Campaigners Network

7 March 2013

Welcome to the first of our Alzheimer’s Society Campaigner’s Network Newsletters

There is plenty happening on the Alzheimer’s Society campaign front and lots to shmonthly newsletter will keep everyone

Our bulletin not only reflects the great work already under way among our campaignhopefully inspire new ideas and new initiatives.

The same applied to the Campaigners’ Network Away Days that took place at SocTuesday 5, February, and Bristol on Thursday 21 February. For those people unabyou can still receive copies of the notes and presentations by emailing

In addition, two more events will be held later in 2013.

Read in full here –  Alzheimers Newsletter March 2013 FINAL

( an error in the newsletter as the Care Homes Toolkit is live and ready and can be located at  )





Louis Theroux – Extreme Love: Dementia

17 April 2012

from BBC media centre

Programme: Thursday 26th April 9pm BBC2

As one of the big retirement destinations for middle class Americans, Phoenix Arizona has also become a capital of dementia care. Louis visits the city in order to spend time in state-of-the-art care home Beatitudes and with home-based carers, whose love is tested by a condition that steadily erodes the personality and character of their partners.


Please sign Pats Petition here:

I need your support to save local Alzheimers services

10 March 2012

Personal post

When coping with disability, illness, caring, have you ever met someone that you just know understands what you are going through, but more importantly knows what is needed to help you come to terms with a serious diagnosis. Someone who looks to the family as a whole.

I met someone just like the above last week. Her name is Liz Williams and she works for our local Alzheimers Society organisation. She visited our home for the 1st time, and in those few hours we received advice, support, understanding,  but also something more. She gave us Hope. This was to be ongoing long term support. That is now under threat.

Last night our local paper, The Shields Gazette, ran a story outlining how through funding cuts she may lose her job at the end of this month. Both local MPs, David Miliband and Stephen Hepburn, are onboard to try stop this happening.

The number of people with Alzheimers/Dementia is increasing at an alarming rate. It would be irresponsible to cut local services.

Having been involved with CarerWatch  for some years, this is only time I have used it in a personal capacity. However, I am asking for your help

You may or may not have experience of Alzheimers but you will know some one who has. Will you help me with this campaign to save Liz Williams job?

send comments to Alzheimers Society here   include any concerns you have in your area too. Help them build a wider picture of where the cuts are happening

you can tweet them  @alzheimerssoc  or our local paper @shieldsgazette

email the journalist covering this story –

Through the use of the internet I know where the online support networks are.  Talking Point  and Carers UK support forums  have helped me so much. However, it is vital that face to face local services remain.  It was one of the reasons why I supported Pat Onions and her petition and many other campaigns.

It will take 2 seconds for you to help raise awareness. Do a brief blog post, add to twitter and facebook. Share with family and friends.

These cuts are coming fast, getting deeper each time. This time it is affecting my family, it could be you next.

Enough is enough.


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