Do you care? Do you need support?

Several new videos from Carers UK

‘You feel guilty for most of the time, no matter how much you do you still don’t think that you are doing enough, but at the end of the day you do it because you love the person that you are caring for.’

Sue and Audrey

It has taken over our lives; everything revolves around caring for James. You can’t just bring a babysitter in because of James’ epilepsy, autism and something could happen. James is priority and his care and not matter what we will always make sure that he is well looked after.

Joan, John and James

Online support forum

What carers have said about the forum –

“It’s the people on this website that have given me the help and confidence to keep going and I’m deeply grateful, I just wish I had found you all a year ago.”

“Even though we may not have met or even spoken, you all probably know more about me than many of the people I´ve known for years”

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One Response to “Do you care? Do you need support?”

  1. David kelly Says:

    I honestly would still be lying in bed now at 9.30. Only for my carer who also has 5 children, and I carnt do anything to show her just how much she is appreciated and needed. Just wish I could and she was more recognized. For the load she carries.

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