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Disabled People Against Cuts – protest April 18th

18 April 2012

Disabled people Against Cuts

April 18th meet for 1.30 pm McDonalds Leicester Square.

Let us have text contact details if definitely coming. Access needs if any too.

Action will be around benefit cuts, care funding and Loss of Remploy jobs.

this affects older people too so bring your grannies and grandads too.


Press release

Photo opportunity. Meet Leicester Square McDonalds, 1.30pm


Already three-quarters of disabled people live in poverty yet the Condems seem determined to push people even further into destitution. It seems that this is a means of punishing them for daring to be or become disabled – something that can happen to anyone at anytime. This is part of the new economy and Condem society of Britain.

Linda Burnip co-founder of DPAC says  “If cuts to benefits don’t kill you slowly by leaving you starving or freezing to death in winter then massive cuts to care and support funding should finish off those Maria Miller, the so-called minister for disabled people, calls “unsustainable” a bit faster. “
Campaigners say disabled people are being unfairly picked on because they are seen as an easy target by millionaire politicians and the ex-banker Lord Freud in particular.
Disability benefits designed to pay the extra costs of disability and originally awarded for a lifetime term are being reassessed. Many who were certified by medically qualified and independent doctors are losing their meagre incomes to politically appointed and performance incentivised ATOS assessors.

Huge increases to hate crimes, cuts in housing benefits, cuts in public services, the closure of the Independent Living Fund, job losses in the public sector, closure of Remploy factories when unemployment is at a record high the list of attacks is endless.

Debbie Jolly another co-founder of DPAC says: “Disabled people will be descending on London again to tell all politicians we’ve had enough. We are fed up with being vilified as scroungers by successive governments, we are sick of hearing about disabled people who have died from neglect and lack of services or who have committed suicide because services and benefits were withdrawn from them. Debbie from Leicester says: “Disabled people will be descending on London again to tell all politicians we’ve had enough. We are fed up with being vilified as scroungers by successive governments, we are sick of hearing about disabled people who have died from neglect and lack of services or who have committed suicide because services and benefits were withdrawn from them. We are angry at the constant attacks by this government  because we are seen as an easy target .We want to make sure politicians know we will not accept these attacks on our lives any longer. “


Contact-  Linda 0771 492 7533 or Adam 07801058235

Notes to editors:

Data from Family Resources Survey and the National Equalities Panel found that:

  • 75% of disabled women and 70% of disabled men are already at the bottom end of Britain’s income distribution scale living in poverty.
  • A tenth of disabled woman have incomes below £31 per week and a tenth of disabled men have incomes below £59 per week including earned income and benefits.
  • Under the coalition government’s economy drive disabled people are set to lose at least £140 per month through direct cuts to disability benefits (initially devised to pay the extra costs of being disabled) alone.
  • The Condems are removing DLA saying that the number of claimants must be reduced by half a million.
  • Employment Support Allowance and work capability assessments have been criticised by CAB, disability charities and Disabled People’s Organisations. ATOS healthcare failures are costing £50 million in additional appeal tribunal costs.
  • Housing Benefits for all tenants will be reduced. From October 2011 for those 2 million disabled people living in private rented accommodation and from 2013 for anyone living in social housing which is deemed too large for their needs
  • Added to that funding from the Independent Living Fund for care and support has now ceased to all new claimants and any additional needs cannot be met by them

Extra costs of disability to individuals

A Rowntree report (2004) found that the weekly income of disabled people who are solely dependent on benefits is approximately £200 below the amount required for them to ensure an acceptable, equitable quality of life’

However, even if receiving maximum benefits, disabled people still experience a substantial shortfall in income. The income of disabled people solely dependent on benefits, irrespective of the type or level of their need, is approximately £200 less than the weekly amount required for them to ensure a minimum standard of living.

Source: Disabled people’s costs of living: ‘More than you would think’ (2004) by Noel Smith, Sue Middleton, Kate Ashton-Brooks, Lynne Cox and Barbara Dobson with Lorna Reith, is published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (ISBN 1 85935 236 7,


The employment rates of disabled people are around 48% compared with around 78% of non-disabled people Source Labour Force Survey, Quarter 2,2010

 Only 20% of those with mental health problems are in employment- Source- Labour Force Survey, Jan-March 2009.

. Please click here to sign Pat’s Petition  which calls on the government to –

“Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”

Once you have signed share it with all your contacts asking them to sign and pass on too.



Have your say about how caring has affected your health

1 March 2012

Carers Week 18th – 24th June 2012

In sickness and in health

Every year we ask thousands of carers to tell us about their lives. We use the survey to generate interest in the press and media. 

Our theme for 2012 is “In Sickness and in Health” and your answers will help us to highlight;
– How does caring impact on your health and wellbeing?
– How much have the cuts to local services impacted on your health and wellbeing?
– What could really make a difference to your life as a carer?

Take the survey here


If you are worried about cuts to services please sign Pats Petition too and then gather as much support as you can.


Vigil & Lobby of the Lords & MPs to oppose Welfare Reform Bill

5 January 2012


Vigil & Lobby of the Lords & MPs to oppose
the Welfare Reform Bill & benefit caps.
1pm Wed 11 January
Opposite Parliament — Lords’ entrance
Abingdon St , SW1
All welcome
Bring placards from your organisation to be visible to the press
For more info, contact Single Mothers’ Self-Defence (SMSD) and the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust   0207 482 2496   07961177889

‘They know you are vulnerable’ – plight of older people in home care

23 November 2011

Most of the women from the care agency, were, in the words of a 78-year-old, “nasty and rough”. Whatever the carers’ demeanour, the frail woman in a wheelchair did not expect attitude to translate to violence that left her bewildered and powerless.

“Rather than say ‘sit in the chair’, they’d push me back into the chair, that sort of thing, and I didn’t like that … I couldn’t do anything about it. I can’t even walk and I think they know this you see; they know you’re vulnerable”.

However, such tales were depressingly familiar in a damning indictment of council-funded home care across the country – the Equality and Human Rights Commission found evidence of a “systematic failure” in the way we look after the elderly.

The commission’s report, “Close to home”, painted a disturbing portrait of poor treatment of the old in their own homes, which breached their human rights.


Health Committee-Scotland ‘Some people are suicidal’

23 November 2011

Keith Robertson from the Scottish Disability Equality Forum told MSPs some people are becoming suicidal even at the thought of some of the reforms in the UK Welfare Reform Bill.

Mr Robertson was giving evidence, along side a panel of representatives from disability and mental health charities and agencies , to the Health Committee on the impact of the Wellfare Reform Bill (UK) .


Who will speak for the old and disabled, trapped in their homes?

21 November 2011


You lie in your own mess. You are cold. You are hungry and confused. You can’t remember whether you have taken your pills. You feel ashamed. You feel angry. It is still five hours before someone will knock on the door, let herself in, and wash you. You hope for a few minutes’ talk but you know that it won’t happen. She only has a quarter of an hour for your appointment …

This is how it ends for many people now. This is how it may end for you, your parents, your siblings, your loved ones. Social care isn’t sexy. But it is perhaps the greatest avoidable crisisfacing British politicians – certainly bigger than immigration, energy supplies or bad schools.

Who will speak for the old and disabled, trapped in their homes? | Jackie Ashley | Comment is free | The Guardian

Hospital patients to pay prescription charges for first time in North Staffordshire

17 November 2011

HOSPITAL patients in North Staffordshire are being forced to pay prescription charges for the first time.

The controversial policy has come into force at the Haywood Hospital, Burslem, which sees 40,000 people each year with minor injuries and ailments.

The £7.40 charge for each prescription item has been introduced by the new trust which took over there in September, but when remains unclear.

The charges have taken bosses at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) – where drugs are free after treatment – by surprise and have sparked fears patients will avoid the Haywood and use the UHNS’s hard-pressed accident & emergency department instead.

And as health campaigners call for the charges to be scrapped and patients reimbursed, the trust running the Haywood is to carry out a review of the policy.

read in full here

The pick of the week ahead in Parliament

13 November 2011


In the Lords (from 2.30pm) its day five on the detail of the Health and Social Care Bill – want to bet they’ll need more than the planned 14 committee days? The key bone of contention will be a group of amendments on charities and VAT. And watch out for questions prompted by the release of the Department of Health’s Strategic Risk Register, a document detailing possible risks to patient safety, finances and the working of the NHS from the bill’s proposals.

Meanwhile, in grand committee (starting at 3.30pm) peers will be continuing their work on the Welfare Reform Bill – and should move on to one of the most important issues, the plans to replace Disability Living Allowance. There won’t be votes at this stage, but the discussions could well result in amendments at report stage, some time in the New Year.

BBC News – Viewing guide: The pick of the week ahead in Parliament

Questions to Maria Miller and Paul Burstow – CarersUK AGM

5 November 2011

On the 3rd November the 2011 Carers Summit took place in London. Below is full coverage of the conference starting with Ministers answering Carers questions.

watch video here

Carers attending left the ministers in no doubt as to their anger, concerns and fears. 

Issues raised covered –

Carers Benefits, Care services, Employment Support Allowance, Atos, Work Assessments, DLA, Personal Independence Payment plus others.  

CarerWatch attends Hardest Hit Protest in Newcastle

22 October 2011

Report will follow but here are some photos for now

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