Nick Clegg finally speaks up for disabled people

Below is an open letter we have sent to him today.

Please write too and ask him to take the threats and coercion off the WRAG.


Dear Mr Clegg

Pat’s Petition is a group that campaigns for disabled people. CarerWatch is  a group that campaigns for carers.

Before you entered the Coalition we had a lot of support from the LibDems –  especially from Baroness Celia Thomas.

We are writing to you to tell you how pleased we are that you have made this  announcement about the Bedroom Tax. As you say – the penalties contained in  the legislation are not achieving the desired result because people aren’t able to move to smaller properties. In the case of disabled people leaving  converted properties and supportive local networks also makes no sense.

We are writing to ask you if you could similarly examine the coercive  threats in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) of the Employment and  Support Allowance (ESA).

These penalties are also not achieving the desired result of getting sick  and disabled people in to work. The statistics speak for themselves.

Sanctions, forced activity, time limits and an absurdly low level means test are causing panic and fear of the WRAG. People are so fearful of being  allocated to the WRAG that the appeals system is broken. Fear of sanctions  with no way forward is cruel.

We sincerely hope that the LibDems will once more become the party that  supports disabled people and carers.

Pat x
Pat’s Petition


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