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Welfare Reform – The Dread of Things To Come

31 January 2012

Tomorrow the Tories will try to push through their new Welfare Reform Bill. Read the story about welfare reform in our new Soundings free-to-download ebook Welfare reform – the dread of things to come

Contributors: Peter Beresford, Kaliya Franklin, Declan Gaffney, Steve Griffiths, Sue Marsh, Jonathan Rutherford

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People with disability and their carers have been reeling from the attacks on benefits and services and so far their voices have been largely discounted.

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If we all get behind Pat’s petition we can register our voices in one place and make the government listen.

details taken from LWbooks newsletter

What EVERY MP should know about welfare reform

16 October 2011

Sue Marsh of Diary of a Benefit Scrounger  has sent this over asking everyone to help raise awareness.

Since Employment and Support Allowance was introduced back in 2008, campaigners and those affected have warned that it is flawed. Not because people must face assessment to qualify for support but because the wrong people are declared “fit for work”.

People clearly too disabled to work get harassed and pressurised into work programmes they clearly cannot comply with, while the number of “cheats” or “scroungers” caught, remains at exactly the same level it always did.

Throughout the last year, we have warned of a tipping point.  With over 110,000 decisions already found to be wrong and overturned, 11,000 people a week are being put through flawed assessments. It is only a matter of time before this becomes the toxic story of recent years. MP mailbags are already bursting with letters about this.

Read in full here

What EVERY MP should know about welfare reform

Can you help raise awareness by sharing this post with your contacts, on Facebook and twitter too.

Contact your MP with your concerns.

Please leave a comment on Sues’ blog or contact her direct with links to any reports in your own local newspapers.

For those that dont know, Sue is one of the founder members of  The Broken Of Britain team


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