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Does she take sugar syndrome ?

6 February 2011

Guest post received from Pat Onions –  a blind full time carer

I was in a shop this afternoon buying groceries and a lottery ticket. Trying to decide if it was Thursday or Friday, and pack shopping at the same time, the assistant commented… ” Must be lovely to be retired where it doesn’t matter what day it is”. “Oh I’m not retired…far too young” said I.  “That’s even better when you have enough money that you don’t have to work” came back her reply. I packed the shopping and left David to pay. David, normally the quiet one, said loudly…” My wife is blind”. From somewhere in the now lengthy queue came a retort…” She doesn’t look it.” David, turned his wheelchair and gave our standard reply,” and you don’t look stupid but looks are deceptive.”

Just another normal day in the Onions lives.

I am actually a very young (?) looking 58 year old but the way the Government keeps moving the retirement age I think I have a very long time to wait.

Society is as much to blame. The international symbol for disability is a person in a wheelchair. That is the stereotype of disabilities. I suppose I should have a guide dog, or long white cane and dark glasses. I don’t. We have 2 Border Collies whose walks are physio for David. I have a folding white symbol cane which sighted people have no idea what it is for. If I wear dark glasses I bump into everything instead of just most things.

I think the experts, and how we love them, tell us… (more…)

Dilnot review of social care funding + ODI research follow-up

5 February 2011

received from Geoff Fimister

Dear All,

I attach for info two recent submissions:

          1. SOCIAL CARE (2011.01) (RNIB – Action submission to Dilnot Commission)  of social care funding. 

          2. Voices of Experience (further evidence on independent living), on independent living. Some of this merely re-presents evidence from the first report, as the ODI has in effect asked some of the same questions again. However, there is some (I think, very interesting) new stuff, mostly on DLA.

Best wishes,


Geoff Fimister
Campaigns Officer –
Independent Living

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