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21 December 2010

Please urge your MP to sign early day motion 1231  calling on the Government to reconsider the closure of the ILF to new applicants and to reverse the intention to close the fund in its entirety by the end of this Parliament. The proposed closure and rapid reduction in care will cause immense suffering and increased poverty for many older and disabled people.

Primary Sponsor – Katy Clark

The motion reads :

That this House notes with concern the Government’s announcement that the Independent Living Fund will be permanently closed to new applicants and completely phased out by the end of this Parliament; further notes that this will affect around 21,000 current recipients as well as those who would have applied to the fund in the future; acknowledges the fantastic assistance that the Independent Living Fund has provided severely disabled people to live independently; and calls on the Government to reconsider its decision, which will affect thousands of severely disabled people and will in the long term lead to greater financial costs as more people are placed in long term care.

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