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Tories whitewash the many set to lose from welfare reform

3 October 2011


The Conservatives debated welfare reform at their party conference this morning.

Chris-Grayling-Iain-Duncan-SmithChris Grayling started by talking of the “dreadful legacy inherited by the Labour government”. No mention of tax credits that lifted millions out of poverty and supported millions in work. Or pension credits that lifted pensioners out of poverty and improved their income by 50 per cent.

As expected, the first attack is on the “incapacity benefit culture” claiming to support those who wish to work, yet no mention of the abject failure of work programmes that are only as likely to ‘help’ people as they are to find work on their own.

Tories whitewash the many set to lose from welfare reform | Left Foot Forward

IDS goes back to Victorian values

3 October 2011


Iain Duncan Smith’s moral crusade on welfare at today’s Conservative Party conference does not address the concerns of 2.51 million unemployed

This morning at Conservative Party conference, we saw the welfare reform team take to the stage. It was a similar to last year’s panel show format, as we heard from people who had been successfully helped back into work, interspersed with ministerial speeches, before the keynote address delivered by IDS.

There were a few early clangers – work and pensions minister Chris Grayling started the session stating the government would ‘reassess IB claimants to try and give you the right support”. Clearly the ‘right support’ in the government’s eyes is ‘less support’, as the reassessments are migrating around two thirds of incapacity benefit claimants on to JobSeeker’s Allowance (£26 less per week and on a penalty system for failing to take work).

IDS goes back to Victorian values | Public Finance Opinion

Welfare Reform – Day2 at Conservative conference

3 October 2011

Today, Oct 3rd 2011 sees day 2 of the Conservative conference.

Full schedule can be read here

You can watch live here    also here

Please note 10am this morning is –

10.00 – Welfare Reform and Jobs
Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Carers Allowance will NOT move to Universal Credit – confirmation later

17 February 2011

Update – Carers Allowance will not be transferred to Universal Credit

Early reports this morning are indicating that those people in receipt of Carers Allowance will NOT be transferred to the new Universal Credit. Confirmation will come later this morning from David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith.

It is also understood ministers have decided not to put carer’s allowance, worth £55 a week, into the new universal credit system, after carers’ organisations said it would increase means-testing and complexity.

see in full here

West Norfolk Women & Carers’ Pensions Network says No to £2.5 Billion from the Nation’s Children

27 December 2010

Carer Watch have been asked to help raise awareness of this letter writing campaign from West Norfolk Women & Carers’ Pensions Network .


Here is our letter. We are asking as many individuals as possible over Christmas and New Year to sign it and e-mail it to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith at or to print off a copy of the letter and post it to him.

It’s important to save Child Benefit as a universal benefit for all mothers. Once it is means tested, we will be on a long slippery slope.

Best wishes,
Alexandra Kemp
West Norfolk Women and Carers’ Pensions Network

Save Universal Child benefit. PDF

Save Universal Child benefit.   Word doc

Letter as below


Carers need immediate statement from coalition Government

2 June 2010

Since the new coalition came to power there has been much noise made about their new programme for government and now Welfare reform. Yet one group of people overlooked is family carers. There has been no details forthcoming which outlines the governments plans for Carer Benefits’.

Spanning many years there has been report after report, suggestions made by think tanks, select committees, consultations, Big Care Debate, green/white papers for Welfare Reform and reform of Social Care. And yet….Carers are still waiting

A few examples ..

July 2007
Breakthrough Britain

Family carers are undervalued in our society and receive a disproportionately low level of financial support given the many hours of work that they do.

Carers of elderly and disabled people are not adequately resourced or recognize for the work they do.

April 2008
Carerwatch Submission to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Enquiry into the Government’s Carers’ Strategy

August 2008
Give family carers £110 a week wages, MPs demand

Nov 2008
No 10 e petition re proposals of carers moving to JSA

Carers UK campaigns page

PRTC 5 election asks for carers

The list could go on but we think the message these few examples give is loud and clear.

Carer Watch ask that the new coalition govt, along with DWP Secretary of State for Works and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith, give a statement regarding their intentions re Carers Benefits.

Carers have accepted their responsibilites, when will the government accept theirs?

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