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Day 4 – Roxy and Sophie’s stories re Closure of Independent Living Fund

4 March 2013

“We can’t go back 30-odd years” – watch Sophie talking about the Independent Living Fund and her fears for the future in this powerful film by Kate Belgrave.

Also read Roxys story

I have been fortunate enough to be entitled to the receipt of funding from the ILF for all of my adult life; and have consequently enjoyed a high standard of life thus far. I have multiple disabilities ( including severe physical impairment, severe visual impairment, and Type 1 Diabetes), and the ILF has meant that it has been possible for me to have my support needs met.


These considerable care needs mean that I require round-the-clock assistance to do pretty much everything. I need help with washing, dressing, toileting, all aspects of personal care, managing my diabetes, preparing food, eating it, undressing, physiotherapy, moving in bed over night, and those are just my very basic requirements. The extra funding from the ILF means that I can afford to get the support to live a little, rather than just meet these basic needs.


Read in full here



DAY 3 – John, Paul and Evonne’s Independent Living Fund story

3 March 2013

Ahead of the court case in London on March 13th 2013, several disabled people are sharing their stories of how the Independent Living Fund has such a positive impact on their lives.


John, Paul and Evonne’s story

Through support from the Independent Living Fund my step son John is able to enjoy a much more independent way of life, than would otherwise be possible. He can at the moment, go out & access his local community and feel part of society and valued as a person. He is a young man of 30 who wants to continue to live at home and have the best possible chance of some Independence in his life. His mother has been able to set up her own small florist’s market business because the support John receives through the ILF means she does not have to support him full time.

The support John receives now through the ILF is working for him and for our family.

John stays with me now every weekend from 3pm on Friday to 9pm on Monday, which allows Evonne to work the market and to go to the wholesalers too. I also go over several evenings and mornings to bath and shower John. Because of the ILF John gets to (more…)

What the Independent Living Fund means to Justine

2 March 2013

Day 2 of people telling their own stories about how vital the Independent Living Fund is to their lives.

Further details on DPAC site here  with added resources so you can take action to support this campaign.


Justine’s story

My name is Justine Jones; I am 26 years old and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I used to be a confident art student at a top art school in London with great expectations of becoming a successful artist. I was looking forward to my life and all the possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead. Then my life changed when my disease took hold. For that year the disease rampaged through my body destroying my joints. My health deteriorated drastically. I lost all my mobility, I couldn’t walk or get out of bed because of pain or discomfort of my swollen joints, and I couldn’t even do the simplest of tasks anymore.

My family weren’t able to cope and I was given basic care from social services which consisted of 1 hour for the morning call to get me up, bath me, take me to the toilet, dress me and feed me. The lunch time call was 30 minutes; to make me lunch, help me to eat and take me to the toilet.

Even though I had this care in place my problems got worse; I lost so much weight combined with spending every day in bed put me at higher risk of developing bed sores. I spent all day everyday in my room, each day blurring into the next making me feel depressed, isolated and alone. I was just (more…)

What the Closure of the Independent Living Fund means to disabled people

1 March 2013

Received from DPAC and Inclusion London

In the count-down to the ILF court case on 13th March we will be publishing on a daily basis individual stories from disabled people affected by the closure of this essential source of independent living support.

This follows the powerful testimonies recorded by journalist Kate Belgrave and published by the Guardian:

Please circulate the links to the stories and use the tools in the campaigns pack to promote the Independent Living Fund campaign as widely as possible.

All details can be found here

Our first story is from Mary Laver

My love affair with the Independent Living Fund (ILF) started over 25 years ago, – I was just 40 and I am now 65, – when it came into my life, a life that I was existing not living.

Within 12 months of becoming crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 40 I was unable to (more…)

Save the Independent Living Fund

23 February 2013

CarerWatch are supporting DPAC, Inclusion London , and others in their campaign to defend independent living.

Leading up to the court case we will be sharing personal stories from people affected by this cut.


We are opposed to the closure of the Independent Living Fund – a national fund that enables disabled people with the highest support needs to live independently in the community

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Without the ILF disabled people with the highest support needs will lose essential support – local authorities cannot provide disabled people with the same level or type of support as the ILF and some people who get support from the Independent Living Fund now are not eligible for support from local authorities at all

What local authorities said about the closure of ILF

Can you join the vigil to save ILF

.full details can be found here  including a template letter for MP’s

contact DPAC here

contact Inclusion London here

High Court fight for disabled fund  see here


About the Judicial Review of the Work Capability Assessment

9 January 2013

Press Release From the Mental Health Resistance Network

On 15 and 16 January 2013, the Upper Tribunal is due to hear a claim for judicial review brought by two disabled people supported by the Mental Health Resistance Network. They are arguing that the Work Capability Assessment discriminates against people with impaired mental, cognitive and intellectual functions (called “people with mental health disabilities” for short), and that the DWP should make adjustments to the Work Capability Assessment process to minimise the disadvantages that people with mental health disabilities face in being assessed for ESA.

The reason that the ESA process discriminates against people with mental health disabilities is (more…)

DPAC and Inclusion London Press Release on the Closure of the Independent Living Fund

22 December 2012

Received from DPAC and InclusionLondon


Disabled people with the highest support needs have been left in fear and distress as they face the prospect of being denied the right to have Christmas in their own homes following a government decision announced this week to abolish a key source of independent living support.

The government decision to close the Independent Living Fund and instead devolve responsibility to local authorities follows a consultation that disabled people claim is unlawful and on which an urgent hearing has been scheduled by the High Court to go ahead on 13/14 March 2013.

Kevin Caulfield Chair Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition against Community Care Cuts said, (more…)


14 August 2012

Received from DPAC

MEET 1.30pm- 1.45pm at College Green, Abingdon Street if you want to go in as a group.
We hope to organise a meeting with MPs before the lobby but even if we can’t do this due to the summer recess we will be lobbying MPs and then having another picnic in the Central Hall. Please bring plenty of bread and water to eat and share. We then hope to make a visit to another relevant building nearby.
“The Independent Living Fund is a ring fenced resource, for disabled people with high support needs that can provide a better lifestyle and outcomes for service users whose full needs would not be met by local authority funding. “
Unlike local authority and health care funding which tends to focus simply on keeping disabled people alive and clean the funding available from ILF helps disabled people to take part in society on an equal basis to non-disabled people.
In 2010 Maria Miller, minister for Disabled People announced ILF was unsustainable and it was immediately closed to new applicants. It is planned to close completely from 2015 with no replacement funding put in place to provide this vital support to those with the most complex support needs. There is currently a very unsatisfactory consultation taking place about the future of ILF funding.
We must make it clear that we will not be silenced by this government’s injustices nor will we simply disappear.
To lobby your MP you need to go to the House of Commons visitor’s entrance and fill out a green card or contact your MP beforehand and tell them you want to lobby them about keeping the Independent Living Fund and why it is important to you.
You can find your MPs contact details at or you can write to them at House of Commons< London, SW1A 0AA.

Over 41,000 people have supported Pat’s Petition.Have YOU and your contacts?

Please sign and share asking others to do the same


DPAC and Independent Living Fund

13 July 2012

The Future of the Independent Living Fund (ILF)

This consultation  seeks views on the impact that closing the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in 2015 would have on users, local authorities and the wider care and support systems across the UK. The Government would also like your views on how closure could be managed in a way which would minimise disruption to the care and support needs of existing ILF users.

DPAC are campaigning strongly about this. See further details below and on their website here

Responses to ILF consultation

The Failing Local Authority Care System

How Henwood and Hudson 2007 fails to provide adequate justification for closure of the Independent Living Fund


Launch of East Midlands Disabled People Against Cuts Group

25 June 2012

Disabled people and their allies in the East Midlands are invited to the launch of East Midlands Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), a disabled people led group bringing to the East Midlands the campaign to stand up for the rights of disabled people against the vicious attacks being perpetrated by the Condem government.

Date: 30th June 2012

Time: 2 – 4pm

Venue: New Walk Museum & Art Gallery Café, 53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA

see here for full details



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