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Parents and staff call on David Cameron to do a U-turn – or quit as the face of the charity

18 April 2011

David Cameron is under fire after his government axed grants to a charity that helped his disabled son Ivan.

KIDS – who offer one-to-one care and play facilities – has lost out on almost £250,000, even though the PM is its patron.

And last night parents and staff called on him to do a U-turn – or quit as the face of the charity.

Paul Maggs, whose year-old son Alfie is battling cerebral palsy, said: “Whenever you get a letter from KIDS his name is all over it.

“But how can he continue to be associated when his cuts lead to these services being cancelled?”

Paul, of Hull, added: “It’s a joke. He should intervene to make sure the services get their funding or remove himself from KIDS.”

read in full here

Care cuts row deepens as cases head for court

14 April 2011

Families of disabled children facing cuts to respite care are launching a High Court challenge against Lancashire County Council’s budget-slashing plans.

Parents of several children likely to be affected by LCC’s social care spending cuts are claiming the moves breach the Disability Discrimination Act.

At least one of eight respite centres in the county looks set to be closed within a year as part of County Hall’s plans to save £179m over the next three years.

One of the families behind the legal challenge has a 10-year-old boy who has autism and cerebral palsy.

The youngster, who cannot be named for legal reasons, needs one-to-one care round the clock from his parents, older sister and grandmother.


DBC launches report into Welfare Reform Bill

23 March 2011

Carer Watch members support this protest and some are making plans to attend

A report published today by the Disability Benefits Consortium a coalition of 41 charities and organisations shows how welfare reform changes may harm disabled people.

The report Benefiting disabled people? highlights concerns over the impact of reforms to vital benefits like Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) on thousands of disabled people and their families.

The report, presents the findings of recent surveys. The Disability Benefits Consortium surveyed 6,000 disabled people and found that:

Carers Allowance will NOT move to Universal Credit – confirmation later

17 February 2011

Update – Carers Allowance will not be transferred to Universal Credit

Early reports this morning are indicating that those people in receipt of Carers Allowance will NOT be transferred to the new Universal Credit. Confirmation will come later this morning from David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith.

It is also understood ministers have decided not to put carer’s allowance, worth £55 a week, into the new universal credit system, after carers’ organisations said it would increase means-testing and complexity.

see in full here

Hundreds of disabled protesters will target Clegg trip to Scotland

13 February 2011


THE Scottish Liberal Democrats are facing a public relations disaster at their final gathering before the Holyrood election, with hundreds of disabled protesters planning to target an appearance by UK leader Nick Clegg.

Campaigners in wheelchairs are among those set to lobby the Deputy Prime Minister at the Perth LibDems’ conference next month in an attempt to shame him over UK Government cuts to lifeline allowances.

Party insiders fear the protest, against changes to the Disability Living Allowance, will worsen the LibDems’ decline in opinion polls.

The Government is planning to scrap the mobility element of the allowance for all recipients in council residential care from October 2012.

Hundreds of disabled protesters will target Clegg trip to Scotland – Herald Scotland | News | Politics

Urgent action needed now – ‘Support families: Don’t cut care’‏

8 February 2011
Thank you very much for signing up to our “Support families: Don’t cut care” campaign toolkit.
We need you to lobby your council’s budget setting meeting, write to local politicians, join up with other groups and campaign to support funding and services for families that need support with caring.
This February and early March, councils across the UK will be meeting to decide their budgets for the coming year. With funding from Government cut, many councils will look to cut care services to make savings.
The campaign toolkit includes useful tips:
  • How to make the case for care
  • Sample questions
  • Flyers, templates for letters to councillors, your MP, the media and petitions
  • A ‘Who’s, Who guide to the council
  • How to use social media
Carers UK will continue to campaign and lobby but we need you to be our eyes and ears of what is happening for carers in your area. We need you to tell us about the positive things happening locally as well as your stories about the effects that the cuts or changes to local services are having on your community. Please let us know the impact of your campaigning by using the feedback form, by e-mailing us directly at or , or by calling us on 0207 3784999.
Thank you
Nargis Khan
Carers UK   .
 Support Families Don’t Cut Care campaign toolkit

Dilnot review of social care funding + ODI research follow-up

5 February 2011

received from Geoff Fimister

Dear All,

I attach for info two recent submissions:

          1. SOCIAL CARE (2011.01) (RNIB – Action submission to Dilnot Commission)  of social care funding. 

          2. Voices of Experience (further evidence on independent living), on independent living. Some of this merely re-presents evidence from the first report, as the ODI has in effect asked some of the same questions again. However, there is some (I think, very interesting) new stuff, mostly on DLA.

Best wishes,


Geoff Fimister
Campaigns Officer –
Independent Living

Petition the Minister for Disabled People to Recall the Public Consultation on DLA Reform

3 February 2011

Have you supported this petition by The Broken Of Britain. Only one more week remaining.

We, the undersigned, urge the Minister for Disabled People to recall the Public Consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) reform, and to cease work on reform of this benefit, due to serious flaws in the consultation paper. As such, the consultation questions are deeply skewed and any answers will be likely to support wholesale reform. This is both unfair and unwise, and will cause hardship for many disabled people.

Full details here

Wales is opposing DLA reform

18 January 2011

Many thanks to Rhydian Fon James for forwarding details of this  Statement of Opinion ( welsh equivilant of an Early Day Motion ) tabled by Leanne Wood .

Wales’ opposition to DLA reform

This Assembly urges the Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller MP, to recall the Public Consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) reform, and cease work on reform of this benefit, due to the serious flaws in the consultation paper.  There is little evidence to support the DWP’s case for reform, and there are grounds to believe that they will cause hardship for many disabled people.  Additionally, it is likely that the reform will reduce benefit expenditure but increase health and social care spending, thus transferring the burden of cost to this Assembly.

It is really important that more people are made aware of this. If you know people from Wales, please ask them to contact their own Assembly Member and ask them to sign this motion.  This SOP is already  winning cross party support – Labour, Lib Dems and even Welsh Conservatives! Leanne and Bethan Jenkins have also written to Welsh  Assembly Government Minister, who will, in turn, put pressure on  Whitehall. We need to help them by making sure that the rest of the UK  knows that ‘Wales is opposing DLA reform’.

Alan Wheatley – Green Party spokesperson on social security and care services

17 January 2011

I find it quite frankly laughable that Labour’s Disability Spokesperson should say that ConDem policy on disability benefits “is driven entirely by economic factors”  unless she means neo-liberal economics ideology.

Compare and contrast the wisdom of her judgement with the fact that the current Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud was originally headhunted by Tony Blair as a welfare reform guru, despite the fact that the then Mr David Freud knew absolutely nothing about the benefits system.

Green Party policy toward disability benefits is incorporated into Citizens Income policy.

Alan Wheatley
Green Party Spokesperson on:
Social Security  – Care Services

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