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Will you be hit by welfare cuts? Want to tell your story?

1 April 2013

My name’s Frances Ryan and I’m journalist covering cuts to disability support. I’ve recently worked with DPAC for stories/interviews about DLA and ESA, and the bedroom tax.




To fit in with new research on the cumulative impact of April’s cuts, I’m currently looking for disabled people who are set to lose multiple benefits – and would be happy to share their story (anonymously if needed) for a possible article.


Will you be hit by the six major cuts?


They could be:


Contributory Employment Support Allowance


If you’re currently on low rate Disability Living Allowance – or perhaps are on a higher rate but have reason to believe you will not be elibible under PIP


Bedroom tax


Council tax benefit reduction/loss


Any other benefit cut/loss coming in this April.


If you are going to be affected by simultaneous cuts and are happy to speak to me please email (rather than leaving a message here as I wouldn’t want to miss your message).


Thank you very much.

Council tax proposals

2 August 2011


Plans to put councils in charge of providing financial support for council tax which are designed to help more people back into work, maintain protections for pensioners and save the taxpayer up to £480 million a year have been published for consultation by Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles today.

Under the existing system local authorities are responsible for council tax rates and collection but do not control the policy on council tax benefit, which is run centrally from Whitehall.

Ministers are proposing to bring all aspects of the council tax system together at local level, freeing billing authorities how best to support working age households and establish stronger incentives for councils to get people back into work.

see in full here

Consultation document here

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