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Caroline Lucas writes to Chris Grayling re Accessibility of Work Capability Assessment Year 3 call for evidence

26 July 2012

Received from Caroline Lucas’s office


Since Caroline sent her email the DWP has put up a rich text version of the questionnaire but there are still no links to Easy Read, BSL Videos, Audio versions as there were in 2011.


To Chris Grayling, Minister for Employment, DWP.

Dear Chris,

No doubt you will be aware of the very valid concern that this year’s call for evidence on the Work Capability Assessment is much less accessible than last year’s.
I have pasted a copy of the email extract that has been sent to me that shows the concern about this matter.

A comparison of this year’s website with last year’s shows the DWP has taken away provision of links to the Easy Read, BSL Videos, Audio version, and has not provided a rich text response form.  This seems to be going backwards and is both unacceptable and extremely disappointing.

For ease of reference and comparison the l inks to this year’s and last year’s websites are here:

This year’s call

Last year’s call

Can you tell me the reason for this lowering of the care and consideration given to ensuring accessibility?  I should also be grateful if you could take action to ensure that the same standard of accessibility that was offered in 2011 is offered now and that the 2012 Year 3 call web page is updated to provide the same level of accessibility as last year.

I am also concerned that this year, there is one less week to respond.  Last year’s dates were 14 July – 16 Sept, this year it’s 12 July – 7 Sept.  Can you tell me why the time has been shortened by a week?  Given that the consultation dates are over the summer holidays, I would have thought that it would be logical to extend the time given to allow for the fact that people are likely to be away and so may have less opportunity to respond.


Tories whitewash the many set to lose from welfare reform

3 October 2011


The Conservatives debated welfare reform at their party conference this morning.

Chris-Grayling-Iain-Duncan-SmithChris Grayling started by talking of the “dreadful legacy inherited by the Labour government”. No mention of tax credits that lifted millions out of poverty and supported millions in work. Or pension credits that lifted pensioners out of poverty and improved their income by 50 per cent.

As expected, the first attack is on the “incapacity benefit culture” claiming to support those who wish to work, yet no mention of the abject failure of work programmes that are only as likely to ‘help’ people as they are to find work on their own.

Tories whitewash the many set to lose from welfare reform | Left Foot Forward

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