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Support the Life Raft for Women’s Equality – Fawcett Society

12 February 2012

Fightback Fridays!   see here

Since the 2010 Budget, women have borne the brunt of cuts. In the run up to the 2012 Budget, Fawcett and more than 20 other organisations – including Oxfam, UNISON, and the Child Poverty Action Group are calling on the government to implement our  ‘Life Raft for Women’s Equality’ – a set of targeted policy asks that  would go a long way in softening the worse effects of cuts on women.


Support the Life Raft for Women’s Equality

Measures to reduce the deficit are hitting women with a triple jeopardy: cuts to their jobs, cuts to the benefits and services that they rely on more, and a growing likelihood that women will be the ones left ‘filling the gaps’ as state services are withdrawn.

sign the petition here


Also,  Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families

Sign e petition on govt website here. Share as wide as possible and gather as much support as you can. Ask your contacts to share with theirs.

Take the debate back to Westminster

West Norfolk Women & Carers’ Pensions Network says No to £2.5 Billion from the Nation’s Children

27 December 2010

Carer Watch have been asked to help raise awareness of this letter writing campaign from West Norfolk Women & Carers’ Pensions Network .


Here is our letter. We are asking as many individuals as possible over Christmas and New Year to sign it and e-mail it to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith at or to print off a copy of the letter and post it to him.

It’s important to save Child Benefit as a universal benefit for all mothers. Once it is means tested, we will be on a long slippery slope.

Best wishes,
Alexandra Kemp
West Norfolk Women and Carers’ Pensions Network

Save Universal Child benefit. PDF

Save Universal Child benefit.   Word doc

Letter as below


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