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Autistic People should not be included in Mental Health Act

12 November 2011

CarerWatch have been asked to raise awareness of this

MHA leaflet, November 2011

On World Mental Health Day, and at the start of Scottish Mental Health Week, Autism Rights is calling for revision and amendment of the Mental Health Act to take people with Learning Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders out of this Act. At the moment, people with Learning Disabilities are specifically included in this Act under the the definition of `mental disorder`. People with autism are also included in this definition.

Both the Millan Committee of 2001, which was set up by the first Scottish Executive to review the then Mental Health Act, and the 2009 McManus Review  of the current Mental Health Act, recommended that people with Learning  Disabilities be taken out of the Mental Health Act. In spite of the agreement  by the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee that this measure was long overdue, nothing has happened. There is currently a Scottish Government consultation on a Review of Mental Health Strategy which makes no  mention of this recommendation.


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