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Family carers are a necessity

4 July 2010

Update 4th July 2010 – still no response, not even acknowledgement.

The silence from Coalition Government and DWP Ministers has been deafening. What are they planning re : #carers benefits?   

What are they hiding ?


Reports daily from the media announce cuts to Social Care across the country. With Local Authorities needing to make savings in their budgets, this will place added pressure on many family carers, carers who are already struggling to cope.

The Coalition government announced the establishment of a new independent commission  to advise the Government on the future funding of long-term care.  As the government work towards solutions to the increasing problems faced , Carer Watch trust they will also address the issues surrounding carers. In many cases they are the frontline in providing Social Care, they provide the foundation that all else must build from.

Many carers are unable to continue in or take up employment due to the amount of care they are required to provide. Future funding for care cannot and must not be looked at in isolation away from these carers.

On 2nd June 2010,  Carer Watch called on the government to make a statement regarding their intentions re Carers Allowance. To date there has been no response from them.


Past and present Governments have “been found wanting”

9 June 2010

There are tough times ahead, that was emphasised in David Camerons’  speech

Family carers are a necessity now, no – one can deny that. They will be  needed even more so in the future, but no-one in power is fully recognising that fact. They will steam roller ahead with welfare reform and  changes to the the social care system,  but with no solid foundation, nothing implemented will be sustainable.

They say you can judge a government  by the way it treats its most  vulnerable. Well here at CW we say the previous  government  and the present coalition ……..  ” have been weighed, they have been measured, and they have been found wanting””

Carers need immediate statement from coalition Government

2 June 2010

Since the new coalition came to power there has been much noise made about their new programme for government and now Welfare reform. Yet one group of people overlooked is family carers. There has been no details forthcoming which outlines the governments plans for Carer Benefits’.

Spanning many years there has been report after report, suggestions made by think tanks, select committees, consultations, Big Care Debate, green/white papers for Welfare Reform and reform of Social Care. And yet….Carers are still waiting

A few examples ..

July 2007
Breakthrough Britain

Family carers are undervalued in our society and receive a disproportionately low level of financial support given the many hours of work that they do.

Carers of elderly and disabled people are not adequately resourced or recognize for the work they do.

April 2008
Carerwatch Submission to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Enquiry into the Government’s Carers’ Strategy

August 2008
Give family carers £110 a week wages, MPs demand

Nov 2008
No 10 e petition re proposals of carers moving to JSA

Carers UK campaigns page

PRTC 5 election asks for carers

The list could go on but we think the message these few examples give is loud and clear.

Carer Watch ask that the new coalition govt, along with DWP Secretary of State for Works and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith, give a statement regarding their intentions re Carers Benefits.

Carers have accepted their responsibilites, when will the government accept theirs?

A voice from the wilderness

22 May 2010

Blog from Ned Ludd,carer.

I’m a carer for my son with complex care needs (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities).

In the spirit of the new Health Minister’s promise to read one in fifty, randomly selected letters to the Department of Health, I’ve e-mailed him (Andrew Lansley, Health Minister and Paul Burstow as Junior Minister for Care Services) suggesting they follow this blog to get a feel for what it’s like on the front line.

Read in full here

Guest blog – Benefits and Work

28 April 2010

Carer Watch would like to thank Steve at Benefits and Work for inviting us to be a guest on their blog site.

The article we submitted can be read here . Please add your own comments too.

Building a National Care Service

31 March 2010

All relevant material will be added here

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