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Come and post your story and your fears

19 August 2010

In September CarerWatch will be launching a major campaign to ask the Coalition to protect disability benefits before the October cuts.
In preparation for this we are asking people with disability and their carers to post short accounts of their own fears about benefit cuts and how it will affect them on the CarerWatch Testimonies.
You don’t have to use a name that can be identified.
Please post your story and your fears and encourage every one else to post theirs so that we can demonstrate the actual reality of these cuts to these politicians who seem to have absolutely no idea about disability.
It’s time the people in power heard the real stories.

CarerWatch are currently submitting evidence to three government enquiries about benefit reform. Your stories on Testimonies will support our evidence. There has been a very positive response to the draft evidence to Harrington. Evidence being finalised here
Come and comment.


Reply from Dept of Health – Paul Burstows

5 August 2010

Thank you for your recent email to Paul Burstow about support for carers.  I have been asked to reply on Mr Burstow’s behalf.

As you will know, the Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for financial support for carers.  I note that you have raised your concerns with that Department and trust that you receive a helpful reply.

I can assure you that the Government recognises that supporting the physical and mental well-being of carers helps carers carry out their caring role safely and effectively and keeps families together in their own homes for longer.  The document The Coalition: our programme for government committed the Government to using direct payments to carers and better community-based provision to improve access to respite care.  (more…)

Prof Jonathan Rutherford – editor of SOUNDINGS Journal

4 August 2010

Latest support from Prof Jonathan Rutherford

Defend Housing Benefits

3 August 2010

Housing Benefits are under attack.

We have lots of detailed information supplied to us by the LOCAL HOUSING ALLOWANCE REFORM GROUP

Information here JUNE 2010 LHA reforms general


Write to if you would like to contact them

The petition against these changes can be found at

Minister makes Concession on ESA

20 July 2010

In Parliament yesterday –  Monday 19th July 2010

Nadhim Zahawi: In my constituency, people are rightly worried about relatives with severe mental health disability attending the work capability assessment. Can my hon. Friend tell us what safeguards will be put in place for those people?

Maria Miller: The work capability assessment was, of course, developed in consultation with medical experts and disability specialist groups. There will be an annual review to ensure that any problems with the assessment are dealt with, and there has already been a Department-led review dealing with some of the issues that my hon. Friend raises in connection with people with mental health problems.

Modifications will be made, especially by expanding the support group to cover people with severe disability issues, to ensure that they are not inappropriately put into groups of activity.

CarerWatch welcome this statement from the Minister. This is exactly what we asked for in the CarerWatch General Election ESA campaign.

It’s a small step and we hope it will lead the way for more protection for the many groups of people with severe and enduring illness. 

But it is certainly a very welcome statement from the Minister.

Emergency – please help

12 July 2010

from Benefits and Work

Sterilise claimants urges racist treasury website

12 July 2010
This is a single issue newsletter asking for your urgent help in getting a government website closed down. The site, set up by the treasury to allow people to suggest ways to cut government spending, is full of hate-filled racist and disablist suggestions, including the sterilisation of benefits claimants, the return of the workhouse and the forced repatriation of asylum seekers and migrants.  Some of the site’s content is so extreme it may even constitute a criminal offence.

The Spending Challenge website at

was set up on Friday by the coalition government and features an introduction and video on its home page by chancellor George Osborne.

Carers debate – Parliament TV July 1st 2010

29 June 2010

Debate entitled supporting carers to have a life outside caring

You can watch on this link


28 June 2010

Winvisible is a grassroots multi-racial group, it is an independent voice for women with disabilities of all ages, situations and backgrounds.
Letter by Claire Glasman,of WinVisible in Evening Standard on June 25th 2010

Coalition cracks down on IB/ESA

28 June 2010

Welfare crackdown begins with drive to reduce incapacity benefit claims – read here

The new ‘phony’ test doesn’t subsidise employers and create tiny, limited jobs. It just moves the goal posts and declares that almost every one – no matter how sick or disabled – could with the right support and transport and a very sympathetic employer do some small amount of work.

Obviously this is right if you change the meaning of words and move the goalposts far enough. But it is semantics. It is correct to say that Stephen Hawkins can work. But realistically it is not going to happen for the most severely and enduringly ill. This is a  competitive labour market.

But having failed the ‘test’ they lose benefit and support. This is so dishonest.

If the Coalition want to save money and no longer want to financially support sick people who cannot realistically work then they should come out and say – sorry – the money ran out – we can no longer support you.

Smear Campaign against the Sick and Disabled

18 June 2010

Please sign – click here.  Running a vilification program against the sick and disabled is unacceptable and has to stop.

The budget claims to be saving 11 billion in benefits – mainly by throwing the sick and disabled off  DLA. They did the same with IB. Changed it to ESA and put every one through a Mickey Mouse computer program run by private insurance contractors with the aim of throwing 1 million people off IB/ESA. The Work Capability Assessment has been completely discredited – most appeals are granted.

Yet this morning Danny Alexander said that the same test was going to be used to throw half the people off DLA. 

Disability benefits have never come under this kind of attack before. Who is defending us? Where is the disability lobby? Can we rely on the disability charities to fight this time? The disabled and their supporters have to organise – and do it now.

Come and help – here

Read more – here

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