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Harrington Reports

23 November 2010

So today Professor Harrington delivered his report on the nefarious Work Capability Assessment (WCA)  test. In case any one doesn’t know – this is the test that decides whether a person with ill health or a person with disability is allocated to the support group of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), ( this is only for a very few people with no hope of ever working) or the work related activity group of ESA (WRAG where you suffer under the threats of conditionality) or goes straight to JSA without passing GO.

If you want to read the Harrington Report report you can read it here 

If you want to read the response from MIND (Paul Farmer the MIND CEO was a member of the Harrington Commission) you can read it here

Read what Rhydian fon James form Broken of Britain says about Harrrington in the Guardian here

It’s packed full of excellent suggestions. And it isn’t really Professor Harrington’s fault that it completely misses the point. Professor Harrington was only asked to look at WCA and that was the extent of his brief.

It isn’t Professor Harrington’s fault that ESA isn’t fit for purpose and that the ESA groups are flawed and that there isn’t a safe group for people with severe and enduring illness or disability. It isn’t his fault that the dreaded ‘conditionality’ that is terrorising people with disability runs right through the WRAG and makes it unfit for people with severe disability. It really isn’t his fault that ESA in unfit for purpose.

Until a safe place is made  under ESA  for people with long term disability free of conditionality – no matter what you do to the WCA – it has nowhere safe to allocate them.

ESA isn’t fit for purpose

 No threats and conditionality on people with severe and enduring disability

When is someone going to sort this out.


Voices of experience – Independent Living – RNIB

9 November 2010

A report by the Royal National Institute of Blind People for the Office for Disability Issues, as part of the Network of Networks initiative

Voices of experience:

blind and partially sighted people respond to questions on independent living

 A report by the Royal National Institute of Blind People for the Office for Disability Issues, as part of the Network of Networks initiative

 October 2010

Voices of Experience (Network of Networks consultation response)RNIB

Miller savaged over cuts to disability benefits

3 November 2010

taken from Theyworkforyou site

DisabledGo news blog carries this article today. 

Furious politicians and disability campaigners have attacked the minister for disabled people after she tried to justify the latest round of government cuts to disability benefits.

Activists, and MPs and peers from more than 10 disability-related all party parliamentary groups – including those on disability, learning disability and autism – were particularly angry about government plans to remove the mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) from council-funded residents of care homes.

Read in full here


Comprehensive Spending Review

19 October 2010

The countdown has started to




Write to your MP NOW

11 October 2010


 Example letter/email

Send also to

Ministers at Department for Work and Pensions Caxton House, Tothill Street London SW1 9DA or

 Your Name




                  Post Code

                  Phone Number

MPs Name

House of Commons,



 DATE  2010


(As one of your constituents) I am concerned about the cuts to disability benefits, cuts to housing benefits and cuts to general benefits and the activities of ATOS


Coalition Cuts – 20th October 2010

2 October 2010

On 20th October 2010 the Coalition will announce the most severe Cuts in recent times. All disability and carer benefits are under threat. Please help fight to protect disability and carer benefits from these Cuts. For people already coping on very little money the situation is extremely serious.

Please e-mail any one who you feel could speak up for us in this debate. Ministers – MPs from the Coalition or the Opposition – disability or carer charities – any one who you think will speak up for us. And please forward this link and ask other people to do the same.

There is lots of evidence and a draft e-mail that you may want to use in full or in part here –

Please help with this. The situation is very serious

The People Who Faint Like Goats!

1 October 2010

Video illustrating the physical problems people with Myotonia Congenita have to cope with

see here

DWP latest statistics

16 September 2010

DWP quarterly statistical summary
15 September 2010

This Statistical Summary aims to give users a structured overview of the National Statistics published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It finds that there was an increase of 115,000 claimants in the year to February 2010, of which only 11,000 were ESA or incapacity benefits claimants.


Alan Wheatley – Evidence to Prof Harrington

14 September 2010

Carer Watch would like to thank Alan for sharing his submission with us.

You can read it here

Office of the Public Guardian

10 September 2010

The Office of the Public Guardian   supports and promotes decision making for those who lack capacity or would like to plan for their future, within the framework of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

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