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Topical questions – Works and Pensions

26 October 2011

Please see this link for answers to questions relating to –



Mobility Allowance

Employment support allowance……and more

Please note the following

The independent review chaired by Lord Low has been examining some of the same issues, and it is sensible to reflect on the outcome of his important work in advance of our final decision. Lord Low is due to report on 3 November and I will announce our final decisions shortly after.

Welfare Reform Bill – Letter to Peers

10 October 2011

We have been asked to share this letter below, organised by Disabled People Against Cuts.  Please take time to read through and then contact Peers with your own concerns.

You can find names and addresses here . DPAC have suggested these names in particular :

Jenny Willott MP and Ian Swales MP in the House of Commons, and Lord German in the House of Lords. Other peers who are involved are Baroness Thomas, Lord Kirkwood, Lord Stoneham and Lord Addington.

Letter already sent to Peers as follows : (more…)

Coalition government – a ‘machine’ made from steel

8 September 2011

For countless years, with successive governments, family carers have continuously raised their voices outlining the many problems they face, about resources, finances, respite and/or equipment.

Yet no matter how much they chipped away at the brick wall no real action has been taken, by past and present govts. Campaigns have followed one after the other from many individuals, groups, and charities.

We are currently witnessing the biggest shake up of welfare benefits in over 60 years and still the issues surrounding Carers Allowance are not being addressed.  It is the LOWEST of all benefits at £55.55  per week.

As campaigners we will not give up even though the brick wall is now made of re enforced steel. Behind that wall lies a Coalition machine made from cold steel too. It shows NO understanding, NO compassion. It operates so clinically, so precise and its actions prove that it has no heart.

It speaks of Responsibility, Big Society, yet continues on its mission to persecute many disabled people, their families, and carers, with this current Welfare Reform Bill.

Is this the future we want for ourselves, for our children?

A future where disabled people and their families are battered from all directions.

Borrowing the famous words from Winston Churchill and altering them slightly…

Never has so much been given so freely by so few, for the benefit of so many.

 Carers need action and they need it NOW

 Please contact any groups/charities you belong to. Tell them your concerns surrounding Welfare Reform.

Contact your MP . Add your postcode in the box on this link to find their details

Feel free to use this template from Sue Marsh of The Broken of Britain

Support the Hardest Hit campaign which following on from a successful march in May 2011 are now planning local protests.

One simple change re ESA

As individuals any action we take may seem so small, but collectively we can be stronger.

Care (Older People)

8 September 2011

Tracey Crouch (Chatham and Aylesford, Conservative)

Thank you very much, Mr Streeter, for calling me to speak. It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship for, I believe, the first time, which is an honour.

I am grateful for the opportunity to hold this important Adjournment debate on care and services for older people. As part of the younger generation of MPs, I am proud to initiate a debate on a subject that I hope will be of interest not only to those who are in their third phase of life but to the next generation and to the generation after that who will one day find themselves in need of care and services. The statistics show that those of us who are in our thirties will fuel the ticking time bomb that is the ageing population, so it is incumbent on us to try to provide solutions to meet this challenge.

see debate in full here

Health and social care insolvencies rise by 49% | Public Finance

7 September 2011


There has been a huge rise in insolvencies in the health and social care sector, with an increase of 49% in the first six months of this year alone, research shows.

Health and social care insolvencies rise by 49% | Public Finance — official CIPFA magazine

Independent living under threat

3 September 2011


Some of the most vulnerable people in the UK will become worse off if Government proposals to reduce the number of people claiming disability benefit go ahead.

This week, (31 August), was the end of the UK Government’s Consultation on the assessment criteria for Personal Independence Payments (PIPS).  PIPs will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) as part of the Welfare Reform Bill and the Government has already stated that it hopes to save £1.45bn per annum on DLA/PIP expenditure.  This can only realistically be achieved by reducing the number of people who can claim for the benefit.

Capability Scotland: Scotlands leading disability organisation, Support for disabled people and carers, influencing legislation

Time to take action across the UK | The Hardest Hit

19 August 2011


The Hardest Hit rally, march and lobby on 11th May was an outstanding success, bringing disabled people, their families and other campaign supporters together with one clear voice.

But further action is needed. So the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council (UKDPC) are working together to support Hardest Hit events across the UK on and around 22nd October.

Despite having promised to protect the most vulnerable, the Government is pressing ahead with swingeing cuts to benefits and services vital to the lives of disabled people. It is simply not listening to us. These events will let us come together again, across the UK to send a clear message: stop these cuts.

Time to take action across the UK | The Hardest Hit

Banks warns over disability support changes

17 August 2011


PEOPLE on mobility support could be left worse off by proposed government changes, a Perthshire politician warned yesterday.

Ochil and South Perthshire MP Gordon Banks slammed the Minister for Disabled People Maria Miller for refusingrecently to agree to participate in the Low Review organised by charities including Mencap and Leonard Cheshire Disability, which looked at plans to cut the mobility element of Disability Living Allowance for people in residential care homes.

The government has said it will conduct its own “unofficial” review, the findings of which are not to be made public.

Banks warns over disability support changes – Perthshire Advertiser

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