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Carers deserve a livable income

1 April 2015

With many thanks to those that added their name in support of this letter to the Guardian.

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Family carers are among the most responsible members of society. CarerWatch, along with others, believes suggestions made in recent leaked documents of moving carers to universal credit would result in an unfair system that gives no recognition whatsoever of the contribution carers make to society.

DWPCarerWatch believes that governments should accept their responsibility to carers. Carers deserve a livable income, a separate benefit which recognises that they are not unemployed or “passive” recipients of benefit but are making an important contribution to society.

Those in receipt of carer’s allowance cannot be classed as being inactive. Carers are unique within the benefit system in that they have to (more…)

Carers Rights Day – November 28th 2014

27 November 2014


When undertaking a new task it is vital you read the manuals first. The more information you take on board at the beginning, can hopefully be of benefit to you as you go along.

Caring can be like that. For many people they can become carers in the blink of an eye, for others it is a slow progress of offering assistance, that in time takes over your life and becomes a full time job. We always think it happens to someone else so no, or very little, preparation is taken.

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Yet the impact of being an unpaid carer can be felt on every aspect of your life. From finances, employment, social time, education, family life etc.

With the current welfare reforms, cuts to social care – there has never been a greater need than now for carers to be informed of their rights, to be signposted to support.

Check with your local council if your town has a local support group, or input your area here

There are national organisations online that have free phone numbers if needing advice, online forums where you can meet other carers.



If you have any questions/ need more information please email or leave a comment below







Reforms will improve the rights of unpaid carers

28 December 2011

More than six million people care for loved ones, friends and neighbours but many fail to get the recognition and support they need, say campaigners.

For the first time, plans to reform the social care system, due to be published next spring, will make carers’ needs a priority

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What’s your Christmas message to the Government? | The Hardest Hit

18 November 2011


The Hardest Hit are planning to send a giant Christmas card to the Government to let them know that we are not asking for gifts, but we do want our basic rights protected and the support to enable us to live independently and with dignity.

You can sign the card and leave your message by following the link below:

Sign the card!

What’s your Christmas message to the Government? | The Hardest Hit

Welfare Reform Bill – Lords Hansard text for 16 Nov

17 November 2011


Clause 78 : Ability to carry out daily living activities and mobility activities

Debate on Amendment 86ZZZUA resumed.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions (Lord Freud): My Lords, if I may intervene briefly, I promised on Monday to provide some timetabling indicators of provision of information about entitlement thresholds for PIP and passporting arrangements for carers. I am happy to confirm our intention to provide entitlement thresholds for PIP and information on the likely impact of these ahead of the consideration of this part at Report stage.

Noble Lords will wish to be aware that we are looking carefully at the interaction between universal credit and carers’ allowance. In the interests of providing a smooth taper of benefit provision as carers return to work, a carers’ element is included within the universal credit structure, which of course removes the cliff edge effect. That is why we have done that. In order for noble Lords to have the fullest possible picture of provision for carers as we debate universal credit, I will also aim to provide more information about the passporting arrangements from PIP to carers’ allowance prior to the start of Report stage. Thank you for your indulgence.

read in full on link below

Lords Hansard text for 16 Nov 201116 Nov 2011 (pt 0001)

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