CarerWatch Evidence to Refreshing Carers Strategy

Response to Department of Health – Refreshing  Carers Strategy.

Carer Watch note the fact that supporting carers is included as one of the Coalition Agreement’s priority areas. However, we are concerned that the Government feels the need for further consultation  given the extensive and relatively recent consultation that took place before the publishing of the original Carers Strategy, Plus, the fact that as yet no concrete proposals for action to ‘support’ carers have been put forward by the Coalition.

Furthermore, Carer Watch do not believe that it is possible for the Dept of Health to address the problems facing carers in any meaningful way, without taking into account Carers benefits and the funding of Social Care. Ruling financial considerations out of this enquiry severely compromises what it can achieve.

Politicians, and Department Ministers, regularly speak of Carers being the ‘unsung heroes’ of society but still nothing has materialised that Carers can count on. Carer Watch have yet to be convinced that this consultation amounts to anything more than the Coalition paying ‘lip service’ to these issues.

Our society would not function without the care currently provided by unpaid carers and consistent avoidance by Governments to improve Carers lives’ has another ripple effect via Social Services and the NHS, which increases the burden on us to fight for services. Precious few people receive the support they need, which translates into too many of us not receiving vital services and support. THIS IS NOT GOOD PRACTICE.

There can be no greater example of Good Practice, no greater example of value for money, than the services provided by families. They are the foundation that all else must build upon.

Therefore, Carer Watch call upon the Department of Health, ( plus DWP – benefits cannot be seperated out when you look at people’s lives ), and therein the Coalition Government, to recognise the ESSENTIAL role that Carers play in the running of our society, not by meaningless consultation, but with real action to improve Carers lives’.

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  1. Carer / Cuts Cuts Cuts Says:

    […] The Coalition is carryign out a consultation called Refreshing Cares Strategy and Carerwatch has submitted evidence here […]

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