Tweet the W&P Committee – demand DWP deaths Inquiry


copied from DPAC

For more information see


Can you help us to tweet all opposition members of the Work & Pensions Committee to get them to demand disclose:

Esther McVey is before them on

Wednesday  04 February 2015 9:30 AM.

Witness(es): Rt Hon Esther Mcvey, Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions

and Chris Hayes, Director, Labour Market and International Affairs

We want everyone to tweet to







– to demand that they open an urgent inquiry into deaths of DWP benefit claimants.

See more at:





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4 Responses to “Tweet the W&P Committee – demand DWP deaths Inquiry”

  1. gaskel Says:


  2. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  3. Jeff bowler Says:

    This is not the place to post this I know but I am desperate.
    My wife sufers from brain and lung cancer and has contracted dementia.
    She has been discharged back to her go from mental health services but has been getting more and more angry with everyone about anything!
    I sometimes go into the woods and scream. I have ebroken the oven door rather than react to her.
    I am not coping but do not know where to get help advice.

  4. Chris Says:

    Loss of front line services to support people, was suffered by me when my mother passed away. Her mental health went and no-one gave me the least help.

    No party will be able to rule on their own from 7 May’s least pencil cross on paper, so the most severe hung parliament.

    But there is a way to get anti austerity MPs
    to utterly change Labour,
    from small parties, that are not small.

    Because the poor now outnumber all other voters
    in Tory and Lib Dem marginals in England
    (the biggest nation of all the UK nations).

    Especially down in Cornwall.

    Poor pensioners, poor disabled and chronic sick, unemployed and carers only on benefit, which include the 1 million aged 60-64 only on some kind of welfare,
    are many many thousands more
    than other voters in a great many areas of England.

    Especially as people with money will be away on holiday during the May Bank Holiday Week. Charter flights are usually Sunday to Sunday.

    Information about these small parties and what their logos look like to put a pencil cross by on Thursday 7 May are on my little website:

    Otherwise the Tories could just sit in power for another 5 years even if Tory MPs lose their seats.

    A group of parties need to reach the threshold of 323 MPs to shut the Tories and Lib Dems out of government.

    A group of 2 parties will be insufficient. There will need to be more, with less Tory and Lib Dem MPs to stop all this cruelty.

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