Carers and General Election 2015

question markAre you an unpaid family carer? 

Are you worried about cuts to benefits and social care?  Have you been affected by lack of respite? …… and so the list goes on.

We are compiling a list of questions to be sent to Ministers from ALL main political parties. Any responses will be posted on this blog.

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What others are saying  –


from Richard Hawkes  Chair of Care and Support Alliance

In the last few months we’ve heard again from local authorities about the chronic underfunding in the social care system.  Figures from ADASS show that there has been a 26% reduction in social care budgets over the last four years.

As a result, we are seeing a rapidly rising number of older and disabled people who struggle to get the support they need to simply get up, get dressed and get out of the house.

This is placing unbearable pressure on family carers, who are simply unable to fill the gap left by care cuts. The number of people providing full-time care to loved ones is now over 1.4 million, many of who are being pushed to breaking point.

The new Care Act is bold and ambitious.  But delivering on it is dependent on putting the social care system on a sustainable financial footing.We need all political parties to be bold and commit to investing in social care, so that older people, disabled people and the families who care for them get the support they need to live well.


 from Moira Fraser, Director of Policy and Research, Carers Trust

The General Election in 2015 is a crucial opportunity for carers’ voices to be heard. So many issues have impacted on carers in the last four year – changes to the NHS, in welfare benefits and cuts to the services available locally.

Carers votes count. Carers should be able to access adequate support to ensure they and the people they care for are well supported, healthy, and have a  life of their own.

All political parties should make it a priority to recognise the needs of carers. Making sure the rights won under the Care Act in England are properly implemented, including providing the funding to do this, would be a good place to start.


from Heléna Herklots, Chief Executive of Carers UK

Just as more and more families take on caring responsibilities, carers are facing a combination of cuts to social care and benefits. As we approach a general election, all political parties must pledge to stop cutting carers support and urgently put in place measures to prevent carers’ financial hardship and ensure social care services can meet growing demand.

Without this we will see growing numbers of families pushed to breaking point, forced to give up their jobs to care and at risk of debt, isolation and exhaustion.





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4 Responses to “Carers and General Election 2015”

  1. Sharon Says:

    My Daughter and Husband and Friends are all my unpaid Carers

  2. Carers, the perennially patronised and exploited resource all human societies rely upon | Says:

    […] This our contribution to CarerWatch’s ‘Carers and General Election 2015′: […]

  3. Pension60 Says:

    I was the sole carer of my parents right up til they passed away.
    I never got any carer benefit and did not apply for the National Insurance credits as I believed I had enough years of NI contributions to get a full state pension, now raised by the flat rate pension from 30 to 35 years needed.

    The flat rate pension will leave women born from 1953 with the threat of NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE or for the bulk of the rest far far less state pension than even its lowest rate of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

    This will also happen to men born from 1951.

    All the main parties only offer more cuts from their belief in austerity, including Labour who will continue Tory spending cuts they say through their Mr Balls.

    Many women are on works pensions, early retired in lieu of redundancy under the massive austerity job cuts that will reach a million by 2018, within the 20 per cent poorest income, at a rate that can be just a couple of grand a year.

    The Greens offer all citizens, including the carers suffering lost NI credits and lost benefit more and more, having to take on carer duties from the ever reducing budgets of cash strapped councils:

    – universal and automatic Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to level of basic tax allowance

    – Bettered State Pension, giving a full state pension to all citizens, leaving no man or woman without any food money forever in old age.

    For some reason The Greens will not tell us all about these new policies brought into their 2015 manifesto pledges from their Spring Conference this year.

    But there are the policies, on The Greens’ policy website and confirmed as policy when answered by The Greens’ national office to me.

    You might get an aswer from The Greens as to why they will not put these life-saving policies up on billboards throughout England and Wales?

    The Scottish have the Scottish National Party that will take over powers over tax and welfare with Devo Max from March.

  4. Carers and General Election 2015 | For Love of the Mainman…… Says:

    […] This is our contribution to CarerWatch’s ‘Carers and General Election 2015′: […]

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