Carers pushed to breaking point

Press release from CarersUK

11 September 2014

Carers across the UK are being pushed to the brink – suffering exhaustion, physical and mental breakdown as they struggle to care for older or disabled loved ones.

Carers UK’s Carers at breaking point research – based on a survey of over 5,000 carers1 – shows:

  • 6 in 10 caring for an older, disabled or seriously ill loved one have reached breaking point.
  • A quarter needing medical treatment as a result.
  • 63% suffered depression and 79% reported anxiety.

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One Response to “Carers pushed to breaking point”

  1. craigd Says:

    I cared for two people for so many years.. my elderly mother (who had dementia and MS), who I thought I was the primary carer for… and my brother who had down’s syndrome.. Carers Allowance had me down as looking after my brother, who had been in care for a year prior to my mother’s passing. When I informed them of my mother’s passing, they told me they had me down as my brother’s carer, and want the “overpayment” back. It didn’t matter that I was caring for both for so many years while they only paid me for one person. £5000 in debt before I could even get my life on track! FUCKING ROT IN HELL DWP and CA! ROT IN FUCKING HELL!

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