More proof family carers are hit by bedroom tax

copied from SPeye  – post by Joe Halewood

On 3rd March Iain Duncan Smith will lay a statutory instrument before Parliament to, in his language, close the loophole for the pre 1996 exempt bedroom tax households which has seen 40,000 plus families unlawfully penalised with the bedroom tax this year.

That’s not a loophole its a monumental cock up or is it a ‘small’ issue as the DWP claims with their estimate of 3000 – 5000 families having wrongly been imposed with the bedroom tax when they were not liable.

The real number is 10 times that amount and another way to look at this is that the DWP error has seen £30m or so unlawfully taken away from vulnerable families who as a result have been threatened with losing the roof over their head; their family home for at least the last 18 years.

read article in full here

A bedroom tax standard template letter as a bolt on to any appeal –   see here

With thanks to Anita for making us aware of this article


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