Following Carers Week, a debate on carers will take place in the House of Commons on Thursday 20th June

Full details can be found here  and you will be able to watch it LIVE via this link

It is vital you contact your MP , ask them to attend – and raise any/all issues that you are concerned about. Time is of the essence, so it may be worth phoning their office and following up with an email outlining your worries.

Questions can be asked on benefits, juggling work and care, social care, support from the NHS and all the other policy areas which affect carers.

Please share this with family, friends, contacts. The more MPs we have there, the more issues that can get discussed.

Share via Facebook and Twitter too. Hashtag during the event will be #CarersDebate


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2 Responses to “URGENT – CARERS DEBATE, contact your MP”

  1. John Hargrave Says:

    I will e-mail my MP.

  2. Jan patterson Says:

    The whole system is /was never designed to be sustainable we are witnessing the end of an era that should have been our greatest and a blue print for the future. The government of past present and future could have made a model our future generation would have been proud of but, greed,dishonesty and callous disregard for humanity has ended a truly worthwhile right that so many worked so hard for. Words fail me in my contempt for all those responsible.

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