Update – Campaign for Benefit Justice

.Come and have your say (details here)

7pm   Thursday 14th February 2013

at Camden Town Hall, Council Chamber

Judd St, WC1H 9JE



Further information received. Please share with your networks.

Campaign for Benefit Justice


Cuts in benefit are an unjust attack on the poor and they must stop. People are already being driven into debt, hunger and homelessness. From April millions more will be hit by the Bedroom tax, cuts in council tax benefit, ending Disability Living Allowance and further vicious cuts. In one of the richest countries in the world, the rise of food banks, destitution and poverty is not acceptable. People receiving benefits did not cause the banking and economic crisis and we do not accept them being scapegoated to pay for it.

The Campaign for Benefit Justice, a network of grassroots campaigns fighting the Tory attacks invites campaigns groups, union branches and activists to sign our statement:
Cuts in benefits are an unjust attack on the poor.  Cuts concentrated on Housing Benefit are already breaking up families, communities and support networks.  They will mean poverty, debt and evictions.
We oppose all cuts in benefits and tax credits. We did not cause the banking and economic crisis and will not be scapegoated to pay for it.
We reject false divisions and stigmatisation of people who are low-paid or unpaid.
We will join with local and national campaigns including disabled peoples, tenants, unemployed workers, trade unions, students, pensioner, single mothers and others to oppose benefit cuts We will support and link up local campaigns. We oppose all evictions and legal action against those hit by benefit cuts and support all actions taken in defence.
We also want your stories of benefit cuts, their impact and why they are wrong, to be used to confront the millionaire politicians who making us pay for a financial crisis we didn’t cause.
Please send your stories and messages to  benefitjustice@gmail.com

Dates for your diary:

1.   9 March central London ‘summit’ bringing together all those hit by and opposed to Benefit cuts, to hear from, link up, support and build local and national campaigning

2.   20 March budget day protest. More details of London protests to follow. If you are involved in or organising any local budget day protests send us information to circulate

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One Response to “Update – Campaign for Benefit Justice”

  1. maddy Says:

    we really need to keep up the fight against these punitive and damaging welfare cuts to the most vulnerable. The UK is a very rich country that chooses to punish the poor and disabled instead of making sure the rich and powerful pay their full share. Millions of pounds of benefits go unclaimed each year, no mention is ever made of this. This Tory government seem to forget that the poor have a vote too, let’s hope come the next election they will understand that fully.

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