Work Capability Assessments – Back Bench Business

There is to be a debate about the Work Capability Assessment in House of Commons today ( Jan 17th 2013 ).

You can watch it live here from approx 10.30am


CarerWatch, along with many other campaigners, will be watching closely.

The government should admit that the Work Related Activity Group is not about finding work. The WRAG is simply about moving sick and disabled people from an unconditional benefit to a means tested benefit to save money.

Four fifths of sick and disabled people will be allocated to the WRAG on migration from IB. It’s becoming clear that the WRAG  is an out of work benefit like JSA.

It wasn’t protected from the inflation cap in the Autumn Statement.

You are expected to find work. It treats people as effectively fit and time limits them to a year before means testing.

The feature that terrifies most disabled people is the coercion in the work program with forced work placements and sanctions for non compliance.

It is unfair to force these decisions on disabled people if you haven’t walked in their shoes.

The cover story is that these people are on their way to work when in fact only 1.5% of sick and disabled people are finding work through the work program in the WRAG.

The WRAG is a confidence trick for moving to means testing disability support.

Can speakers in this debate be the first to be honest about this. The heart ache over the WCA tests is really located in what the future holds when you are allocated to the WRAG.

The WRAG is actually a Ticket to Nowhere


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2 Responses to “Work Capability Assessments – Back Bench Business”

  1. Helen Evans Says:

    Speaking from experience within my own family, the stupidity of this debate is that there are virtually no jobs for those without disabilities in the current climate so trying to force those with disabilities into work is a nonsense and as you rightly say, simply a cost cutting exercise. There are those with disabilties who could and would work but the chances of them getting any sort of job are negligible. All the government is doing is inciting ill feeling against genuine disability claimants.

    • Helen Evans Says:

      I have watched the whole of this compelling debate. Michael Meacher has made an excellent case supported by 28 other speakers. Frustratingly the response from the W&P Minister gave no comfort or reassurances that anything would change.

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