Welfare cash card – 10 minute Rule motion

Tuesday 18th December

Following urgent Ministerial questions there is to be a 10 minute Rule motion

Welfare Cash Card – Alec Shelbrooke

watch live here

Todays Telegraph –

Troubled families living on benefits will be legally barred from spending welfare money on alcohol and tobacco, under plans being drawn up in Whitehall.

Read in full here

How it has been developed in Australia

see here



3 Responses to “Welfare cash card – 10 minute Rule motion”

  1. gaskel Says:

    there was also talk about claimants not being allowed to spend money on the lottery too originally

  2. kevin davies Says:

    Another hair brained scheme by someone with no hair

  3. upity expectus Says:

    so mps can claim back for 1st class flights and i cant have cash to take a carer for a beer on their birthday – nice. so much for not seeing the wheelchair. like i could even afford to buy myself a drink as well…. ffs bloody shameless….. but we still gotta pay for tv licenses. hells bells and a merry xmas to you!
    does this mean immigrants that used to have a voucher system are having it re-introduced… talking about not stigmatising a demographic

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