‘The People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment’

Received from WeAreSpartacusfull details available here

New report highlights failures of Work Capability Assessment as Spartacus campaign awaits Harrington’s final review

A new report from the Spartacus campaign today (Monday 12 November) analyses the failures of the Government’s Work Capability Assessment and the Employment & Support Allowance system, which is supposed to support people who are too sick or disabled to work.

It also warns that disabled people are at risk because of the government’s refusal to consider a ‘real world’ test – where part of the test would take into account the real barriers to employment.


WeAreSpartacus have highlighted many individual cases and it’s appalling to see all these people suffering through the tests for the new Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

But even if people get through this system and are awarded ESA – it is not the end of their problems because ESA is not a benefit which supports disabled people.

Most people who are awarded ESA are put in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) where they have 12 months of proscribed activities, including trial work placements, under threat of sanctions. This is in all but name – Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). Although it is presented as a group for disabled people the message is that these people are fit enough to be on their way back to work.

After 12 months, they will have no further ESA benefits and if they live with family members their families will need to support them.

Are we really giving up the idea of state support for disability and returning to the idea that families support disabled people?



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3 Responses to “‘The People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment’”

  1. maddy Says:

    the transfer from IB to ESA has to be halted now, before more people are damaged by the system. ESA is a false benefit, especially the WRAG group, which is JSA with a tickling stick instead of a whip, that comes later. ATOS and the WCA need to be exposed for what they are a cruel business company carrying out state torture on the ill and defencesless………

  2. kevin davies Says:

    there are people self harming and taking their own lives over these assessments the Govt. should be taken to task over this. The system is totally useless. How can a simple computer programme distinguish between some with cancer and someone with M.S it cant. the one size fits all is flawed. But these clones wont admit it

  3. Kat Cormack Says:

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