Problems with Implementation of Universal Credit – evidence to Works and Pensions committee

UPDATE – IDS and Lord freud to give evidence re Universal credit Monday 17th 2012


At 9.30am, Wednesday 5 September 2012, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

  • Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman and Cllr Catherine West, (Islington Council), Local Government Association
  • Gavin Smart, Director of Policy and Practice, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Pete Challis, National Officer (Local Government and Housing), Unison

At 10.30am

  • Professor Mike Brewer, Research Fellow and James Browne, Senior Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Tony Wilson, Director of Policy and Research, Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion
  • Fran Bennett, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute of Social Policy, Women’s Budget Group

Grimond Room
Meeting started at 9.29am. Ended at 11.32am

watch video here 

Next session Monday 10th Sept 2012  4.30pm

Witnesses: Citizens Advice, Child Poverty Action Group  and Children’s Society


We have not had time to watch the full video but enough to know there are serious problems regarding the implementation of the Universal credit.

Comments made by witnesses in the video above were –

troubles with no of claimants with internet access

enormous challenge to have it ready on time

concerns about skills and ability of many benefit claimants in completing forms online correctly. Many people still need face to face support

it is a Big bang approach with a high risk

more and more caework of people needing support but few contact places remaining

grave concerns about frequency of payments. DWP wants UC paid monthly but this would cause serious problems for many families

targets for JSA claimants to do so online have not been met, so extremely doubtful future targets for UC would be met.


The Coalition government MUST start to take heed of the warnings it is receiving from many individuals, grassroot group, charities, Unions, etc. Universal Credit is only one of many changes but link them all together and many families will be hit several times over.

There has been no real thought as to how welfare reform will also impact on Social Care.

These changes may not affect you personally now, but may do so in the future. Add your voice to almost 46,000 people in saying – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Iain Duncan Smith battles to save his universal credit scheme – Mirror


There is no need for anyone to fight alone. Voices are being raised louder and increasing in number. Below are links to various campaigns that would welcome you.


Pats Petition  sign but also share widely and ask others to do the same

DPAC   lists of many direct actions

Black Triangle   defender of Disability Rights

We are Spartacus Disabled peoples views on welfare reform

Hardest Hit  alliance of charities and others

A Future that Works  a march in London 20th october 2012

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One Response to “Problems with Implementation of Universal Credit – evidence to Works and Pensions committee”

  1. maddy Says:

    now the rats grayling and miller have jumped ship we are left with IDS a failure again, causing havoc and despair, until he walks the plank, hopefully there will be some of the disabled community left to save from his reign of terror!

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