Reversing from Recovery – from Spartacus group

Our new report, Reversing from Recovery, is set to upset the motor industry and cause ripples throughout our fragile economy.

Why? Well, under the proposals for Personal Independence Payments (PIP), which under the Welfare Reform Act will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the Government’s own figures project a 27% reduction in the number of working age disabled people eligible to access the Motability scheme. This equates to an approximate 17% reduction in the total number of Motability car scheme customers.

Reversing from Recovery uses information available in the public domain to show that the Government’s plans, by reducing access to the Motability scheme, will create a domino effect, including the loss of:

  • More than 30,000 new car sales each year
  • 3,583 jobs (from 21,080 jobs to 17,497 jobs)
  • £342 million contribution to GDP (from around £2 billion to £1.67 billion)
  • £79 million in tax receipts

In addition, many disabled people are saying they can’t see how they could continue working without their Motability car; they will have to stop paying taxes and start claiming out of work benefits.

Some would say that there is an alternative, such as public transport.

However, a few days ago Transport for All and DPAC invited MP’s to join them on public transport in London, to test this theory. Public transport in London is the flagship of accessible transport. Nowhere else has as many accessible buses, tubes, trains or taxis, but Londoners will assure you that the situation is dire.

If there’s a limited chance of using public transport in London, then the chances of finding it in a remote area of the UK are even smaller – many places don’t even have a bus every day, let alone an accessible bus. Without their adapted vehicles, PIP claimants will be housebound and unemployable, as many disabled people already predict.

Of course there is the Government response of Access to Work, and the vast amount of money that will become available for taxis. Except… extracting help is almost impossible in some regions. And of course, Access to Work won’t help anyone go to see their doctor, attend hospital appointments or visit friends.

To download the full report and a summary version, go to the Reversing from Recovery download page….

….but a report is no good if no-one sees it. To help get it to the people who matter, log in to the Spartacus Forum at  for simple ideas and templates to help you play YOUR part. There are also email/letter templates available on this site at Let’s make sure every MP, Motability dealer and local newspaper in the country understands the economic impact of DLA reform.

Remember: Alone we whisper, together we shout!


**  please sign Pat’s Petition

Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families



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