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Louis Theroux – Extreme Love: Dementia

17 April 2012

from BBC media centre

Programme: Thursday 26th April 9pm BBC2

As one of the big retirement destinations for middle class Americans, Phoenix Arizona has also become a capital of dementia care. Louis visits the city in order to spend time in state-of-the-art care home Beatitudes and with home-based carers, whose love is tested by a condition that steadily erodes the personality and character of their partners.


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Louis Theroux – Extreme Love – Autism

17 April 2012

from BBC2

Thursday 19th April – 9pm

Louis visits one of the best schools in America for autism. He meets the students and their families to get a glimpse of what life is like for them and to experience the pleasures and the strains of one of the most extraordinary kinds of relationship.


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