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Multiple Disadvantages via Theyworkforyo

24 April 2012

Multiple Disadvantages via Theyworkforyou


Social care should not be privatised, ar

24 April 2012

Social care should not be privatised, argues Brunel academic #socialcare

The plight of Scotland’s #carers must b

24 April 2012

The plight of Scotland’s #carers must be addressed, says man who looks after mum full-time

Disability and the #WRB one woman’s stor

24 April 2012

Disability and the #WRB one woman’s story sign here and share #esa #wca

Labour backs free #socialcare plan http:

24 April 2012

Labour backs free #socialcare plan

Public Need To Wake Up To Whats Happenin

24 April 2012

Public Need To Wake Up To Whats Happening To Our Welfare State! #wrb sign here and share

Benefit cuts: Atos in the frame to deliv

24 April 2012

Benefit cuts: Atos in the frame to deliver new disability tests #dla #pip

The Pitfalls of Benefit Reform http://ow

24 April 2012

The Pitfalls of Benefit Reform #wrb #esa #wca

Welfare cuts ‘linked to suicides’ http

24 April 2012

Welfare cuts ‘linked to suicides’ #wrb #mentalhealth #esa #wca

Let Adam Go To School

23 April 2012


Multi-award winning young poet 12 year old, Adam Bojelian from Edinburgh  is fighting to be allowed to regularly attend school.

Adam is educationally very bright (top of the class in mainstream school) despite having very severe cerebral palsy and multiple serious health problems.  His recent school report described the standard of some of his schoolwork as “fantastic” and his teacher told his parents at a recent parents’ meeting that the teacher reads some of Adam’s work to the rest of his class to show them the standard to which they should be aiming.

Adam’s local education authority (Edinburgh City Council) pay his health board (NHS Lothian) to provide a nurse to accompany Adam to school.  Adam has such complex health problems that he cannot attend a school unless a nurse goes with him.  NHS Lothian, despite employing thousands of nurses (several hundred of whom know Adam personally as he has spent more of his life in hospital than out), often fail to provide a nurse, meaning Adam cannot attend school.  NHS Lothian tell Adam’s parents that the complexity of Adam’s health problems makes him too complex for most nurses to care for him.  Adam is usually in hospital or too unwell to attend school in the autumn and winter months, so it is all the more important that he is able to attend school in the summer months.  NHS Lothian managers have said that no nurse will be provided from Monday 23rd April 2012 for a week and a half.  Adam having to stay at home because NHS Lothian has not provided a nurse has been a common problem since Adam started school six years ago.




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