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New online resource for carers launches – CarewellUK

20 March 2012

A new partnership to support carers and help them and the people they care for be happier and healthier has launched.

Carewell  has been created with input from Carers UK, Bupa and MEND and is all about encouraging carers to make positive changes to their lifestyle so they’re better able to care. It combines tips from health experts and carers themselves in an easy-to-use online hub which is ideal to dip in and out of as time allows.

Under the overall banner of ‘energy to care’ – helping carers feel more energetic and better able to care as a result – content covers four key areas: identifying and coping with stress, eating well, moving more and sleeping well.

As well as providing useful information, Carewell also encourages carers to share their own thoughts, tips and views. It also offers some useful interactive tools including a downloadable track to help with getting a good night’s sleep, a nutrition quiz and a healthy snack guide – all with the aim of giving carers more energy to look after their loved one.

Check out the site here  and log on to have a look round, share your top tips for carers and those for whom they care and help shape the future of Carewell.

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