Have your say about how caring has affected your health

Carers Week 18th – 24th June 2012

In sickness and in health

Every year we ask thousands of carers to tell us about their lives. We use the survey to generate interest in the press and media. 

Our theme for 2012 is “In Sickness and in Health” and your answers will help us to highlight;
– How does caring impact on your health and wellbeing?
– How much have the cuts to local services impacted on your health and wellbeing?
– What could really make a difference to your life as a carer?

Take the survey here


If you are worried about cuts to services please sign Pats Petition too and then gather as much support as you can.


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One Response to “Have your say about how caring has affected your health”

  1. Lucie ridehalgh Says:

    My daughter has terminal cancer due to health no longer doing smear tests until 25 yr. She can’t claim incapacity and only gets dal. She has a 5 yes old child. The government is literally killing my family. I have to help support her family as husband is self employed and doesn’t get paid when not working I paid there mortgage for 12 months when he was out of work as no benefits strange how people from other countries get help. We had to pay private for sons hip op who has cp as waiting list 9 months and I can’t watch an 8th old suffer in pain. We lost all respite when we stopped fostering him and adopted him. We have to fight for any help.we have now lost tax credits as the government have lowered income allowance for this.

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