Welfare Reform – The Dread of Things To Come

Tomorrow the Tories will try to push through their new Welfare Reform Bill. Read the story about welfare reform in our new Soundings free-to-download ebook Welfare reform – the dread of things to come

Contributors: Peter Beresford, Kaliya Franklin, Declan Gaffney, Steve Griffiths, Sue Marsh, Jonathan Rutherford

Please help distribute the link via your twitter accounts and your work and social media networks. With your help we can get tens of thousands of downloads.

Sign the petition
People with disability and their carers have been reeling from the attacks on benefits and services and so far their voices have been largely discounted.

Please sign Pat’s petition click here

If we all get behind Pat’s petition we can register our voices in one place and make the government listen.

details taken from LWbooks newsletter

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One Response to “Welfare Reform – The Dread of Things To Come”

  1. Sue Brock Says:

    The petition re the bonus thing at RBS got over 80,000 signatures in 24 hours! It has taken weeks/months (?) to get Pats petition to it’s current level of signatures. I think there are 2 problems. The first is not being able to get our message across, not being able to reach people and the second is that many of those with disabilities are not on line. I guess I could add a third problem —— lack of money. I am wondering if there would be some scope within the union movement to get some advertising sponsored? Sue

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