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Decent Social Care Must be Funded Through National Insurance – Unison

4 January 2012

UNISON, theUK’s largest union, today called for a national Social Care service properly funded through national insurance to tackle the growing crisis in elderly care. The call comes in the wake of demands for urgent action and fundamental reform to care and home help services from a broad coalition of government advisers, charities, unions and independent experts.

The union has welcomed some of the proposals set out by theDilnot Commissionas a “step in the right direction” but warned that the commission’s recommendation of voluntary insurance, will not solve the problem of underfunding.

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Carers ‘disproportionately hit’ by government cuts – Mithran Samuel

4 January 2012

Carers will be disproportionately hit by government benefit cuts over the coming years, research published today shows.

Tax and benefit changes from 2010-15 will result in a real terms drop of 6% in net income for households where a person claims carer’s allowance, compared with a 4% fall for other households, found an analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, commissioned by the Family and Parenting Institute.

The difference reflects the extent to which government benefit cuts are hitting disabled people cared for by loved-ones at home.

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