PM urged to take action on social care – Carers UK

Carers UK has joined other charities, care providers, health bodies, employers, and unions to sign an open letter to Prime Minister calling for cross-party action on social care reform

see in full here

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Failing care leaving old at risk

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2 Responses to “PM urged to take action on social care – Carers UK”

  1. malka Says:

    good to see that people are finally waking up to what this government are doing…..let’s see this kind of action highlighting welfare reforms too……

  2. Kevin Says:

    Information kindly provided by

    1. PCT spending 10/11,5615,PR.html

    2. Satisfaction survey of adult social care users:–final-2010-11

    The fourth attachment down gives you result by council.

    3. Level of activity (numbers supported) and spend

    The fourth and fifth attachments listed gives you results by council.

    4. Satisfaction survey of carers 09/10

    See attached which ranks council by how well they were performing for carers on things that they will be measured against for the new Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.–2009-10

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