Welfare Reform Bill – Lords Hansard text for 16 Nov


Clause 78 : Ability to carry out daily living activities and mobility activities

Debate on Amendment 86ZZZUA resumed.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions (Lord Freud): My Lords, if I may intervene briefly, I promised on Monday to provide some timetabling indicators of provision of information about entitlement thresholds for PIP and passporting arrangements for carers. I am happy to confirm our intention to provide entitlement thresholds for PIP and information on the likely impact of these ahead of the consideration of this part at Report stage.

Noble Lords will wish to be aware that we are looking carefully at the interaction between universal credit and carers’ allowance. In the interests of providing a smooth taper of benefit provision as carers return to work, a carers’ element is included within the universal credit structure, which of course removes the cliff edge effect. That is why we have done that. In order for noble Lords to have the fullest possible picture of provision for carers as we debate universal credit, I will also aim to provide more information about the passporting arrangements from PIP to carers’ allowance prior to the start of Report stage. Thank you for your indulgence.

read in full on link below

Lords Hansard text for 16 Nov 201116 Nov 2011 (pt 0001)


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