Questions to Maria Miller and Paul Burstow – CarersUK AGM

On the 3rd November the 2011 Carers Summit took place in London. Below is full coverage of the conference starting with Ministers answering Carers questions.

watch video here

Carers attending left the ministers in no doubt as to their anger, concerns and fears. 

Issues raised covered –

Carers Benefits, Care services, Employment Support Allowance, Atos, Work Assessments, DLA, Personal Independence Payment plus others.  

One Response to “Questions to Maria Miller and Paul Burstow – CarersUK AGM”

  1. malka Says:

    who are the carers and disabled people who have been consulted by miller and co???? we know that charities have co-operated with them but i have put my views forward in the CON-sultations and these has been ignored…………….. cost cutting at the cost of the sick and disabled is the only answer i come back with, and carers will be expected to pick up the pieces that’s if there are any pieces left to pick up……..

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