Sandwich carers numbers are increasing

John and Beth both care for their mothers and their son Nathan, 17. The couple represents what’s commonly known as ‘sandwich carers’ — people who care for a younger- and older-generation relative. Follow a day in Beth’s life to find out how she copes and where she finds support.

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A practical guide to caring


One Response to “Sandwich carers numbers are increasing”

  1. Lady Precious (@Precious4011) Says:

    I have bipolar disorder as well as arthritis, vitiligo and hirsuitism and also care for my daughter who has cerebral palsy, my daughter acts as my carer where she can is there a name for this?

    I get no external support, my mother left the country this year and my eldest daughter’s boyfriend was paralysed earlier this year. I do not qualify for psychotherapy because I am not at rock bottom but I regularly feel like I’m drowning.

    I’ve had my ESA stopped as they feel I’m fit for work based on the fact they believed my psychologist who said I didn’t have hirsuitism and that I took my daughter to school every day (when she actually gets transport), Not a week goes buy that I don’t cry because of the pain I am in and I regularly feel suicidal.

    My house is adapted for my daughter but not for me so my back never has the chance to get better properly especially as have lots of lifting and carrying to do. I do not feel that people with mental illnesses that care for children should have to work. It is very hard to stay on top of things. I hate this government and this society.

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