Three little words – ‘Tax Payers Money’

Blog piece by Pat Onions

There is a word or three I loathe.

More than the Employment Support Allowance.

More than the Work Capability Assessment and probably more than the Personal Independent Payment.

‘Tax Payers Money.’

I have been listening to Ms Miller talking about the new PIP. She sounded quite nice and chatty. Of course they will continue to pay £40 million to those disabled. Good. She then used those words… from ‘Tax Payers Money.

It is a move to stir up the people of this country. She could just say the amount which will be paid. Why add those 3 words at the end?

Effect of course is to make me feel worthless and useless. The effect is to let the ordinary man or woman, who works and pays tax, where their deductions are going.  I too am ordinary but I can’t use the library, drive on the roads or play ping-pong at the leisure centre. That of course is totally different. It always is when it comes to those of us with a disability.

Ordinary men, and women, would have no idea if they weren’t reminded at every verse end. They would sit at home watching another reality show on their 40″ Plasma screen. They’re probably not wondering too much where all the tax they pay each month is being spent. It is the duty of politician, newspaper and television reporters to tell them. And they do. Constantly. All the time and endlessly.

Like many others I did work. I did pay my taxes and did pay my NI. I still pay taxes on everything I eat, drink, sit on or sleep in. I don’t think the air that I breathe comes ‘from Tax Payers Money’  but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

When you are poorly and hurting…say with an abscess and extreme toothache…. you don’t want some smart Alec telling you that your dentist isn’t funded from ‘Tax payers Money’ anymore. You don’t want to hear that you have to dig deep in your pocket for some painkillers. You want support and help. Oh dear…. perhaps involving the NHS as an example is not such a good idea.

I get reminded that I have languished for more than 10 years on benefits. Benefits paid from ‘Tax Payers Money’. I haven’t actually languished at all. I have a rare, irreversible, hereditary condition. Proper experts diagnosed me, not a nurse playing at being an ophthalmic consultant with years of training & experience. The consultant recognised my disability and knew I would not be able to work. Nothing in society or the work place has changed in all those years to enable me to work. So why oh why do Politicians believe it has?

They can beat me with sticks; tell me if I don’t work I lose my benefits. It makes not one jot of difference to my disability. It is unchanged and always will be.

By taking my ‘Tax Payers Money’ from me it will mean I don’t eat, clothe myself and lose the roof over my head. They can assess me; reassess me as many times as they decide. I have no eyes, and no matter how many assessments, those eyes will never grow back and see again. Somehow Politicians seem to think they have a magic power to make them work…after all ‘Work Pays.’

Pat Onions

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5 Responses to “Three little words – ‘Tax Payers Money’”

  1. ians12 Says:

    For “Tax Payers” delete:-

    a) Most millionaire MPs

    b) Most millionaire Peers

    c) Many bank executives

    d) Many many more “non doms” that just use resources in the UK but pay no UK tax

    That just leaves around 65 million of the rest of us, and that includes children who pay VAT on their sweeties and babies who’s pushchairs are taxed!

    Anyone who has a Gas or Electric bill or who has an insurance policy is also a “Tax Payer”.

  2. Debbie Sayers Says:

    Incapasity is a taxable income I am a tax payer! Dxxx

  3. Claire P Says:

    Only two words I loathe more- economically inactive. Really? You want to see how much I get in Carer’s Allowance compared to what the care of two autistic children would cost, or Direct Payments if I insisted on getting them?

    It also annoys me because whilst my disabled children may well not be tax payers, their father and I are. And great many disabled people are: on one hand they say ‘disability does not mean unemployable’, on the other ‘you are disabled therefore we assume you do not pay taxes’.

    Circular thinking: don’t you loathe it?

  4. Maddalene Says:

    When they talk about “tax payers” it seems they mean income tax payers, not everyone else who has to pay VAT etc everytime they go to the shops. It’s a very dishonest whinge about income tax, they ignore the fact that actually everybody pays tax.

  5. juliaroberto Says:

    well said ian

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