Welfare Reform Bill – Hansard text for 6th Oct 2011


Lord McKenzie of Luton: My Lords, Amendment 2 seeks to attach a clear but succinct purpose to the universal credit; that is,

    "to support work for those who can and provide security for those who cannot".

Much of the focus of our discussion about the universal credit is on the former, helping people into work and closer to the labour market, but there is an obligation also to help those individuals and families for whom work is, for one reason or another, not currently reasonably practicable. We subscribe to the view of the importance of work in helping people out of poverty, in the development of their self-esteem and, as per Waddell and Burton, as being generally good for their health. This has the potential to translate at the macro level to the prospect of lower benefit costs, higher taxes and national insurance and, other things being equal, higher growth. That approach characterised the reforms, I will call them welfare reforms notwithstanding our discussion last Tuesday, of the previous Government and this Bill is a significant development of that trend. Of course, the Minister has been present in both of them.

Lords Hansard text for 6 Oct 201106 Oct 2011 (pt 0001)


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