IDS goes back to Victorian values


Iain Duncan Smith’s moral crusade on welfare at today’s Conservative Party conference does not address the concerns of 2.51 million unemployed

This morning at Conservative Party conference, we saw the welfare reform team take to the stage. It was a similar to last year’s panel show format, as we heard from people who had been successfully helped back into work, interspersed with ministerial speeches, before the keynote address delivered by IDS.

There were a few early clangers – work and pensions minister Chris Grayling started the session stating the government would ‘reassess IB claimants to try and give you the right support”. Clearly the ‘right support’ in the government’s eyes is ‘less support’, as the reassessments are migrating around two thirds of incapacity benefit claimants on to JobSeeker’s Allowance (£26 less per week and on a penalty system for failing to take work).

IDS goes back to Victorian values | Public Finance Opinion

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2 Responses to “IDS goes back to Victorian values”

  1. Micha Saiits Says:

    The biggest problem is that One cannot ‘take’ work. One can be offered work, but if it is less than Minimum Wage or the conditions are just ridiculously close to Black Market Slave Labour what can one do? If Government wants to treat us like slaves why don’t we just turn to the European Court and lay the burden of the question about Governement’s legitimizing of slavery at their door? More people have to highlight this issue: more people have to take some action for themselves and not wait until the whole Benefits System lies in the hands of Foreign Private Companies who neither know nor care about ‘our’ plight. I would see this Coalition eviscerated by their policies and face the full and undiluted wrath of those they dare to plunge into Darwinian ‘survival.’ Once the Welfare State is lost, the NHS will follow. Be warned. This war of attrition must happen an NO Political Party must be allowed to water-down or mitigate the message we send out to the Governement. “Britain Never, Never, NEVER shall be slaves!”

  2. malka Says:

    Yes of course the spin will be of how great the government are in helping people back to work, and the examples provided will only be the exceptional ones, not the majority of people who have been harrassed and bullied by this welfare reform and and atos……………
    we cannot expect anything else can we?? maria miller was particularly offensive, in her presentation and content, looks like dla issue has been decided along with every other measure this government has proposed………i still feel that they will slip up big time when the full impact is realised, both on the disabled community and their carers and on the financial cost to the country to implement the new systems……….

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